thank-youSending a thank you email after a phone interview is just as important as sending one after a face-to-face interview.  It helps you stand out and reinforce why they should be talking to you.

Dig in to 10 of our best posts on writing thank you emails after phone interviews (although many will also help with your thank you emails after face-to-face job interviews, too):

1.   3 Reasons Why It’s Better To Send Thank You Emails After Your Job Interviews – why emails are better than hand-written notes

2.   Job Interview Thank You Email Guidelines

3.  Thank You Notes and Thank You Emails for After the Interview 

4.  Best Job Interview Thank You Letter Format

5.  Sample Thank You Notes for Job Interviews

6.  Phone Interview Tips – #34: Thank You Notes – This is part of my Phone Interview Tips Series

7.  Thank You Quotes to Use in Your Interview Follow Up Letter

8.  Phone Interview Thank You Note Etiquette

9.  Interview Thank You Email – How To Keep Selling Yourself For The Job

10. ‘Damage Control’ Interview Thank You Note Can Save Your Job Offer



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Should you have a career coach?
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