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How do you follow up after a phone interview?

You better follow up the exact same way you would after a face-to-face interview:  you send a well-thought-out, comprehensive, and timely thank you note. 

Your thank you note should actually be a thank you email.  Why an email?  Because it’s faster.

It’s in your best interests to get that thank you note in their hands within 24 hours of your phone interview.  Why?

They will make decisions quickly about who to ask in for a face-to-face interview.  A good thank you note can easily tip the scales in your favor and get you that invitation.

Not only should you get your thank you email to the hiring manager within 24 hours, you should also write a substantial note.  Don’t just say, “Thanks for interviewing me.  I hope we can talk again.”


“Thanks for speaking with me.  I am very excited about this job and think I’d be a great fit.  I really see how my skills and experience in X, Y, and Z can help you meet your ABC goals.  My skills in D, E, and F would be an additional advantage.  I am looking forward to meeting with you to talk more about it.  I will call you on Wednesday to set it up.  Sincerely…”

That kind of note does a lot of things for you:

  • It shows your good manners, because you’ve thanked them for taking the time to talk to you.
  • It shows your professionalism, because you’re talking about how you can help them reach their goals.
  • It reinforces the idea of you being a good fit by highlighting your skills.
  • And it shows that you want the job because you’re going to call to make sure you get a chance to discuss it.  All good things.

phone interview thank youWho should you send your email to?

Everyone you speak with deserves a thank you email.

If a recruiter set this up for you, send the recruiter a note, too.

If the hiring manager arranged for you to speak with someone else, send the hiring manager a note saying, “I spoke with so-and-so and it went well.”

Even if your interview didn’t go well, you should send an email.  It’s a chance for you to do some damage control.  Address whatever you think didn’t go well and try to rectify it.  Mention things you forgot to say that would be helpful to your cause.  Correct any misconceptions.  It might not work, but it could work and you should try.

See more great advice in the rest of my phone interview tips series.


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