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Proven strategies and personalized, expert advice to give you more interviews and better job offers

Career Building

Get the promotions and raises you deserve, navigate office politics and network like a pro

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Develop Your Skills, Strength, and Confidence

Coaching will give you the confidence and skills to go after bigger opportunities--and you'll get them.

Improve your resume and LinkedIn presence

Strengthen your interview performance

Transition to a new career field

Move up the career ladder faster

Personal Coaching

The fastest path to success with 1:1 evaluation and immediate, targeted feedback

Group Coaching

Weekly online team coaching sessions allow you affordable personal advice, consistent support, and motivation


30-60-90-Day Plan Templates

This must-have tool for every interview generates job offers for executive and entry level, sales, management and individual contributors

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Who Is Career Coaching For?

Coaching is for YOU.  Gain the skills to navigate today's job search and career path, whether you're just starting out, moving up, or over 50.  A competitive resume, social media savvy, and stronger interview skills will get you the most coveted jobs.

Developing your abilities and confidence in everything from networking to salary negotiation to office politics means that YOU are in charge of your career destiny.

Career coaching is targeted to what you need for your next step.

Not getting interviews or job offers?

Most people don't realize mistakes they're making that are keeping them from getting hired at the job they want. Coaching will pinpoint those mistakes, find where you're failing to show your value, and make you shine as a candidate.

In one 30-minute coaching session, a woman who previously couldn't get an interview improved her resume so much that she got 3 interviews in a week.

An extremely talented, experienced professional got lots of interviews but no offers--we role-played to discover that she mentioned compensation in every interview.  When she stopped making that huge interview mistake, she got an offer.

Worried about video interviews? I coach via video or phone, which prepares you to excel in Zoom, Skype or other video interviews.

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You've been laid off or fired?

Getting laid off or fired can kill your confidence and paralyze you in the job search. A coach can help you craft an explanation that you feel good about and employers are fine with.

One C-Level executive was so shaken about his job loss that he stuttered when trying to explain it, and couldn't get hired. In just a few minutes, I identified the issue and gave him a powerful new way to explain the situation with confidence. Shortly after that, he landed a new C-level position.

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Switching careers or going back to work?

Career changers, veterans, and caregivers going back to the workforce often face communication problems. A coach can help you highlight your transferable skills and showcase your value for the role.

One military veteran said his first interview wasn't good, but with a new approach he nailed the next interview and got the job against stiff competition.

One woman said that because of working with me, she learned to value herself differently and speak more confidently about herself to employers. She said that this feeling of confidence extended into her personal life as well—and made her entire life better.

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Over 50? Or just starting out?

Whether you're over 50 or a new graduate, coaching can help you overcome the obstacles in your way.

Out of work for months, an older management-level candidate was about to take a job with a large pay cut. When we worked on how to approach new companies, he got an interview within days and a great role at his same salary as before (no pay cut!).

"You don't have enough experience" can keep you out of great jobs on hot career paths. I can help you prove to hiring managers that even without on-the-job experience, you have the skills and drive to get the job done.

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Negotiating salary, or asking for a raise or promotion?

The money conversations can be the most difficult to have with employers. But with the right skills and approach, you can get where you want to be.

One client was offered his dream job--but not his dream salary. He was terrified of countering too aggressively and losing the offer. In one hour, we worked on things he could ask for in a positive way. He ended up with an offer $50,000 higher than the original.

When you're asking for a raise or promotion, make your case in a positive, evidence-filled way. I can help you craft your presentation and demonstrate that you're the one to choose. In countless cases, a 30-60-90-day plan made the difference in helping job seekers prove their value and secure job offers at the next level.

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About Me

As a recruiter and career coach, I've been guiding job seekers through fast, successful job searches and promotion opportunities since 1999. 

After graduating from the University of Oklahoma with a BS in Chemistry and an MBA, I entered a great career in medical sales and sales management.  But switching to recruiting and career coaching has been one of the most rewarding things I've ever done.  I've been recognized by CNN as a national job search authority, and was named HR Examiner's #1 Most Influential Online Recruiter. 

Through videos, webinars, and online tools available on my website, Career Confidential, we've helped over 29,000 people in over 92 countries around the world, and hundreds of thousands of readers and viewers.  You can find my eBooks on Amazon and Audible.

I'd love to work with you as your career coach, develop your skills and help you reach your career goals.

What Others Say

"I hired Peggy for one-on-one career coaching, and I can’t say enough about how pleased I am! I had an important interview, and she helped me “polish” my presentation skills for the final in-person interview.

I was offered the position, and I am so glad I invested my time and money, as it obviously paid off!"

Paula Najmulski

"...I had 3 offers to choose from, all in the 6-figure range...The job I chose...with a company car, great benefits and bonus plan...I was at the point where I had to shut down my search because I had no more time to take any more interviews...[With the] 30-60-90 plans...I was shocked if I didn’t get an offer. This one simple tool is like gold. It’s that valuable to the whole process. ..by changing my LinkedIn page I noticed that more people were finding my profile.

I tell every person I know who is looking for a job to contact you. Thanks so much for your system and advice. I really don’t think I could have done it without you."

Jim Jonas

"I want to thank and congratulate Peggy and all her staff for the tremendous help you provided me with in my job search. I did my best to follow as far as I could her suggestions and I got a fantastic new job in 5 weeks. Even now I receive new proposals.

I must say that the 30/60/90-day plan was the key element in my success, and I enjoyed all the direct and indirect benefits of the plan that Peggy mentions in her books. It really made the difference… and [I'm] 61 years old (who talked about age?)."

Phillipe Vivet, MD PhD

Video Testimonials

Moved Up to Management

Let go from his IT job, Wayne moved up to an IT management role with a 15% higher salary in less than 8 weeks. He recommends the executive coaching club to anyone.

Got a Job in Days

In just one hour, Dave learned better ways to approach new companies that got him immediate responses and the job he wanted!

Successful Mid-Career Change

Chris came back from a COVID furlough to change careers and receive a 20%-25% pay increase! She says that working with Peggy was the best investment she’s ever made in herself.

Now Is the Time. Invest In Your Future. Expect Success.

Coaching is a great investment in yourself to gain knowledge that will pay you now, and for the rest of your career. Clients who work with me routinely see returns on their investment from 10X - 25X. Some have even seen a 40X gain.

Bigger job offers mean thousands of extra dollars for the entire time you're in that role, and a better starting point for the next one. The skills you gain now put you in stronger positions for every job search or promotion after this one. Don't leave your career to chance.

Here's how 1:1 coaching works:  I like to break up coaching sessions into 30-minute segments, so that you can go work on what we talk about and then check in for feedback or address new topics.  If you need more time, I offer 3 hours for the price of 2 when purchased in advance.  All coaching is done by phone, Skype, or Zoom, and we can record your session for you to look back at later. 

Still have questions?  Let's set up a free, no-obligation call to answer them before we start.  Leave a message for me below.  The more specific you can be about what's going on, the better I can estimate how much time I think it will take to help you.

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