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Download Career Confidential’s Insider Report: “How Anyone Can Get Hired Fast!”

Discover the shortcuts and best advice for every step from your resume to interview to job offer.

Need Better Job?

Download Career Confidential’s Insider Report: “How to Get a Better Job Now!”

Step up your career ladder with a promotion or a better job with the best advice on networking, finding opportunities, and more.

Over 40?

Download Career Confidential’s Insider Report: “Overcome Age Bias and Get Hired!”

Beat 6 job-stealing stereotypes and use your 5 best strategies to land a great job with these proven insider tips from recruiters and hiring managers.

New Graduate?

Download Career Confidential’s Insider Report: “New Grads - 10 Secrets for a Great Job Offer”

Discover the best advice and insights for new grads on resumes, LinkedIn, targeting companies, acing interviews, negotiating job offers and references.

Leaving Military?

Download Career Confidential’s Insider Report: “5 Strategies Every Veteran Needs to Get Hired”

Land the civilian job you want with these 5 key strategies to overcome the challenges of transitioning from military service to a civilian job.


I used this [30/60/90 day] plan and is making a huge impact. I was able to gain a 2nd interview when the 1st didn't go so well (when I say "didn't go so well", I mean "I completely failed"). This is an awesome tool I will use over and over throughout my career.
Lisa C.

Strategic Business Consultant, New York

Thank you for your wonderful products. Before I was introduced to your product I had been looking for a new job for quite some time. I think as a "Salesman" I was likely overconfident in my abilities to sell myself. Your Job Offer Generator offered me so many concrete ideas to improve my job search. The most valuable to me was the 30/60/90-day plan. It was the reason I got this job offer! I interviewed with the VP of Sales and he said he had never seen anything like it. He loved the initiative I took. He said he even wanted to incorporate it into their sales training for all new hires. I have to admit, I was a little nervous and somewhat skeptical on using the 30/60/90-day plan. However, I could tell that it immediately took a good interview to a great interview and set me apart from all other candidates.
Lane L.

Sales Executive, Utah

This program is not only a 'should' buy it type of thing but a 'buy it IMMEDIATELY!!' type of thing. I went from being very fearful and depressed about my job search situation to being very confident, happy and extremely excited about where my career is heading. You can't put a price tag on that type of mental and emotional change.
Nick S.

Business Development Director, United Kingdom

This has been by far one of the best investments that I've made for myself in years. As an Army wife, mother of 3 and stay at home professional, life had gotten really out of place for me because I needed help getting back in the industry. Any woman that has stayed out of work for any period of time knows the level of difficulty in re-entering the job market. Not only is the market hard, but the economy is so bad in smaller towns that people are trying to hold on to the jobs that they currently have. As a result of my purchase of the Extreme Resume Makeover Kit, I have a personal coach helping me to my success. I believe in this product, and I will continue being a loyal customer because I've received a phone interview as a result. Thanks again for renewing my hope in life!
Jen H.

Business Development Director, United Kingdom

The Job Offer Generator is just what I needed! I didn't realize that something could be so useful. This is a way to understand the whole recruiting process, also the mind-set of the hiring managers - the important parts of the processes I didn’t think of earlier. Thank you!
Maija H.

Digital Marketing, Finland

I used the 30-60-90 day plan and got the job of my dreams within 6 weeks. This system works if you just use it and it is easy to implement. I have recommended this to several friends looking for jobs b/c it works. Highly recommended!
Denny B.

Global MBA, Colorado

I used the 30-60-90 day plan and got the job of my dreams within 6 weeks. This system works if you just use it and it is easy to implement. I have recommended this to several friends looking for jobs b/c it works. Highly recommended!
Shantelle N.

Capital Accountant, London

I have a job!! You won’t believe this… I just started using your HJF [Hidden Jobs Finder] messages. I sent several messages “To Get the Manager’s Email Address” on LinkedIn. I sent a few “First Contact” messages to hiring managers in my LinkedIn network who I already had their email. I got a job offer today. My salary on my first day of work will pay for HJF and your resume product. Thanks, it worked better than expected.
William B.

.NET C# Developer, Chicago

I have been out of work for over a year. I am a store manager for a floor covering company for over 30 years. I have interviewed several times and I was fully qualified, but there were 30 other people as fully qualified, and I was missing something every time and never got the job. I went to an interview last week and took your 30-60-90-day plan, of course I customized it to me and my profession, and it worked!!!!! He was so impressed with my plan that he not only hired me, he hired me as a general manager for all his stores, A 6 figure job. Much more than I was interviewing for. The plan worked far beyond my expectations. It was the best $ I ever spent. Thank you for your plan. I was getting desperate down to my last dollars, and I was reluctant to spend the money, but I am so happy I did.
Pete C.

General Manager, Michigan