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Job Search Tools

Check out the vast array of job search tools from Career Confidential.

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Executive Level Membership

Our interview tools and coaching specifically targeted for senior management and executives, up to C-level.


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Professional Level Mebership

Our interview tools and coaching specifically targeted for management-level employees.


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Graduate Level Memberships

our interview tools and coaching targeted specifically for fresh graduates and new-to-the-workforce jobseekers


Job Interview Questions & Answers - Perfect Answers to the Toughest Job Interview Questions

Job Interview Questions & Answers

Mock Interview Training so that you nail it in the interview - Get 5 FREE.

$.99 each

Hidden Jobs Finder

Innovative method for finding and contacting hiring managers directly.


30/60/90 Day Sales Plan

Complete guide to creating & presenting this sales interview tool for Sales Pros.

$47 (2 pymnts)

Job Offer Generator

Complete system guaranteed to get you a job or it is FREE

$197 (4 pymnts)

30/60/90 Day Executives Plan

Complete guide to creating and presenting this powerful interview tool for CXO and VP levels.


30/60/90 Day Managers Plan

Complete guide to creating and presenting this powerful interview tool for Managers.


30/60/90 Day Action Plan

Complete guide to creating and presenting this powerful interview tool for white collar positions.


Extreme Resume Makeover Kit

Resume-writing kit with template, overview, and tips to grab attention.

$37 (2 pymnts)

Strategic Interview Approach

Comprehensive guide to the interview process—prep to follow up.


Total Access Club

Job search coaching with bi-weekly mentoring and live question-and-answer sessions.


Podcast SixPack

Six most popular job search podcasts from Career Confidential.


LinkedIn Profile Tutorial

Create a profile that attracts recruiters and hiring managers.


Salary Negotiations Webinar Replay

Never leave money or benefits on the table in a Salary Negotiation again.


Mission: Transition

Enjoy a fast, easy, successful transition from military service to a civilian job.


Coaching Club BootCamp

Job search "crash course" through 9 hours of video coaching.


Video 1 – Approaching the Hiring Manager

Confidence-boosting tips for finding and contacting hiring managers.


Video 2 – The Resume

One-hour resume writing workshop for creating a marketing document.


Video 3 – Phone Interviews

In-depth training to meet the challenges of a phone interview.


Video 4 – Brag Books

Detailed, example-filled presentation on creating and presenting brag books.


Video 5 – 30/60/90-Day Plan

One-hour workshop on researching, writing, and presenting this interview tool.


Video 6 – Face-to-Face Interviews

Practical tips and techniques to be a strong, confident candidate.


Video 7 – Closing for the Job

Negotiating techniques allow you to confidently ask for the job.


Video 8 – Follow Up

Tips and examples to help you continue the conversation post-interview.


Video 9 – How to Excel in Your Career

Discover 8 rules for consistently getting promoted at work.


Brag Book Podcast

How to make and present a relevant interview brag book.


Panel Interview Podcast

Strategic techniques specifically for dealing with a panel of interviewers.


Behavioral Interview Podcast

Twelve-minute audio coaching for a popular interview style.


Telephone Interview Podcast

Ten minutes of essential phone interview tips.


"Closing for the Job" Podcast

Adapting a "sales" technique for a more effective job interview.


References Podcast

How to choose and prepare your job references.


Salary Negotiations Podcast

How to approach and discuss salary with potential employers.


Follow Up Podcast

How you follow up after the interview is a demonstration of your communication skills, professionalism, and attitude that can help you get the job.


Peggys Podcast Weekly

Weekly audio coaching on a variety of job search topics.


How to Get into Medical Sales

Step-by-step, comprehensive guide to getting a medical sales job.


Medical Sales Audio Conference

Three hours of insider tips for landing medical sales jobs.


Career Coaching

Personalized, targeted coaching for your resume, job search, interviews, or promotion.

$150 - $400/hr