Send a thank you email after your job interview, not a handwritten note

You’ll find a lot of information still online about the importance of sending a handwritten, snail-mailed thank you note after your job interview. They usually talk about the ‘personal’ aspect of it, and how it will make you stand out even more because you took the time to write it.

I have been in recruiting and career coaching for about 15 years now, and I’ve talked with hundreds of hiring managers, and I’m telling you that you do not have to send a handwritten note. Just by sending a thank you note at all, you’re already going to stand out. It would surprise you how many job seekers don’t say thank you.

So why is a thank you email better than a handwritten thank you note?

  1. Speed. Many hiring decisions are made very quickly in the interview process. Companies very often don’t have weeks to make a decision. They need someone in that spot now. If you’re convinced the note is the way to go, the best you can do is have it addressed and ready to mail immediately after your interview because speed matters. But sending an email is appropriate, it’s fast, and it won’t get lost in the mail ever.
  2. Adaptability.  It lends itself to one of my favorite tactics, which is sending an updated 30-60-90-day plan that includes all the stuff you talked over with the hiring manager in the interview. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, find out about 30-60-90-day plans and create one for your next interview.)
  3. Potential for ongoing communication.  I’ve known of more than one hiring manager to continue the conversation with the candidate by responding to the email in a way that they never would with a handwritten thank you note. An email could open up a new conversation that gives you one more edge in the process.

Always send a thank you email after the interview!

Get more interview follow up tips (and a FREE audio)  in this post on Thank You Note Etiquette.


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