Always email a thank you after every job interview

Never underestimate how much thank you notes will help you in your job interview process.

Some job seekers skip this step…but believe me, hiring managers notice if you don’t send one. Not sending a thank you note makes you look like you don’t care about getting that job.

It’s not just a manners thing…although manners matter a lot. In a straight contest between two equally qualified people, the one with the nice manners will be more appealing. They’ll seem like a much more pleasant person to work with.

Thank you letters serve a couple of purposes for you besides politeness:

  • They get your name in front of the hiring manager one more time, which is also another chance to sell yourself as the best, most qualified person for the job.
  • They show your ability to take in information (the interview) and provide feedback or new ideas about whatever problem or issue the company faces (why they need you). For example: “I thought about your concerns about how to handle xyz delivery issues, when I was a product manager at ABC corporation, we used………”

Job Interview Thank You Email GuidelinesSo, your job interview thank you email guidelines are…

(1) Send it–you will stand out in a great way.

(2) Make it substantial by mentioning specific things you spoke about in the interview, and anything relevant that you forgot to mention in the interview. It sells you for the job one more time and communicates your enthusiasm and sincerity.

(3) Send an email, not a handwritten note. Handwritten thank-yous are nice, but e-mails are fast. Hiring decisions can be made quickly, and you don’t want to miss your chance to influence it.

Here’s a bonus for you…

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