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Ready to be a genius in your job search this week? Here's your job search motivation:

"Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration."
- Thomas Edison

Get out there and go for it.

Don't apply online and wait for the company to call you. Find the name of your potential boss at any company you want to work for and contact them directly. (See more about contacting hiring managers here.)

Don't wait for someone you know to call you with a great job lead. Reach out. Make the call.

That's how you become a 'genius' and get a great job.

  • Reach out and talk to people.
  • Make the right improvements to your resume. (Is your resume quantified?)
  • Contact more hiring managers than you think you need.
  • Over-prepare for the interviews you get (your work will pay off).

You don't have to do a lot more than others to stand out--but you do have to do something extra. What fills the bill?

Go be a genius this week. Best of luck!