Even though you might understand how much stronger you can be in the interview with a good 30/60/90-day plan, you may not know where to find the information you need to create one. But it’s entirely possible to find all the information you need to create a plan that will knock the socks off any hiring manager.

Search - Magnifying glassThere are all kinds of resources online for you to tap into: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, corporate websites, and Google. Your network can come in pretty handy here, as well. They’re all a part of job interview preparation you need anyway, and they can be tremendously helpful for writing your plan.

If for some reason there’s a lack of information online (like maybe it’s a smaller company), that’s definitely a strong reason to do what you can and bring it into the interview anyway, since that’s an excellent opportunity to ask the questions that will lead to a greater understanding of what it will take to be successful in that job.

Candidates often think that their 30/60/90-day plan has to be perfect before they show it to the hiring manager, and that keeps many of them from creating a plan at all. In fact, all plans have room for improvement once you talk to the hiring manager in more detail about the job. It’s not unusual at all to make changes to your plan after the interview (for the second interview). If you’re discussing your ideas in the interview in a conversational style, you can learn a lot and make the hiring manager more comfortable with you.

There are 4 things that a hiring manager looks for when hiring someone:

  • Does this person understand the job?
  • Can they do the job?
  • Will they do the job?
  • Does this person pose a risk to their own continued employment?

The 30/60/90-day plan addresses all those issues. That’s why finding out this information (or at least bringing a plan to the interview so you can figure out what that information is) is key to standing out from the other candidates and getting the offer.


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