December 27

Job Search Strategy: Positive Attitude Helps

Looking for a job is hard. Even if you’re really focused on steps to job search success and trying to stay motivated in the job search, staying positive can be a challenge–but it turns out, positive emotions combined with the proper planning and strategy have a huge effect on your eventual success.

That’s backed up by a psychological study of job seekers from the University of Missouri that concluded that staying positive helps in the job search, and there are particular planning strategies and coping strategies that significantly increase your chances of success. Among the recommendations: goal setting, self-discipline, and continual progress assessment.

(One tip I’d like to add: READ. Reading for instruction, inspiration and motivation is always a good idea. Check out this list of 30 Great Books for Job Search, Career, and Life.)

The best job search strategy in the world is to go find the person who can say “You’re hired” and let them know about you.  You can do that very quickly and easily with my Hidden Jobs Finder.  (It’s guaranteed to work.  Check it out now.)



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Should you have a career coach?
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  1. Positive attitude is shown by a smile as well as good eye contact. A smile changes your response to a question, especially, “Why did you leave your last position?”
    Simple strategy, right? Try to answer the above question without smiling if you had a toxic boss. Do it in front of a mirror.
    After discovering your site, I recommend it in my Job Search workshops as a volunteer for the city of Buffalo, NY

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