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Lots of companies are hiring right now, so it may be easy for you to get interviews. But if you’re getting interviews but no offers, it’s not good. Here’s what you can do to change that and make those offers happen.

Learn Better Answers to Interview Questions

I’ve interviewed thousands of job seekers in my time as a hiring manager and recruiter, and worked with many others as a career coach. Most people shoot themselves in the foot on at least some of their interview answers. They make them too personal, or too detailed, or not detailed enough.

Every interview answer you give should give them another reason to hire you. You are selling yourself as a product or a solution to this hiring manager.

There are 101 sample interview questions and answers here on my website in my series How to Answer Interview Questions, so check those out today.

I also have 2 books on Amazon each with 101 questions and answers for you. Check them out







Practice Your Answers

It’s not enough just to know good answers; you need to practice delivering those answers smoothly so you seem more confident. Confidence will help you sell yourself to the hiring manager.

When you learn better interview answers, practice saying them out loud, and record yourself so you can hear how you sound. Consider practicing with a friend, or hire an interview coach to help you.

Bring a 30-60-90-Day Plan

There is no better way to stand out and get hired than by using a 30-60-90-day plan in your interview.

This is your plan for how you would approach the job in your first 3 months, written out in detail. It takes a lot of research and critical thinking to get it done, but the result is amazing. You get to let this hiring manager visualize you in the job which goes a long way to getting them to offer it to you. Read more about 30-60-90-Day Plans here.

I’ve put together job-winning 30-60-90-day plan templates that take all the guesswork out of what should go into your plan. Find out more about them here and on my job search tools page.





Close for the Job

Closing is a sales term that means asking. You need to ask for the job, as in, “Based on what we’ve talked about here today, can you see me being successful in this role?”

Asking can feel pushy or even scary, but it’s worth it. If the hiring manager (your potential boss) has any doubts about you, they may tell you and give you a chance to address them before you leave. That’s the best time to save your offer.

Sometimes they have legitimate concerns that you can’t do anything about, but sometimes they just have a misconception you can clear up right then.

Closing for the job significantly boosts your chances of getting the offer.

Consider Personalized, Custom Interview Coaching

Peggy McKee career coaching

The fastest way to get to the heart of what’s going wrong in your interviews is with a one-on-one personal career coaching session. When I coach job seekers, I can usually spot the problem in just a few minutes. I show them how to correct it and they do much better in their very next interview. If you have an important interview coming up soon, seriously consider this investment in yourself.

Find out more about personal coaching here.