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Do you need a career coach? I'm running a special you need to know about:

Peggy McKee Job Search Interview Coaching

Peggy McKee - Job Search, Interview, and Career Coaching

Get 3 Hours of Career Coaching for the Price of 2!

Only Need 30 Minutes or an Hour of Coaching?
(you can add .5 hours as needed on the order page)

Why you need a career coach...

  • You get interviews, but not offers.
  • You can't find the right jobs for you.
  • You don't know how to approach companies you want to work for.
  • You are experienced, but you can't get interviews.
  • You are a new graduate and can't get interviews.
  • You have suffered a job loss and can't explain why.
  • You are about to have a panel interview and you're anxious.
  • You're about to do a Skype interview.
  • You have a shot at your dream job and you want to make sure you get it.

The truth is that there are as many reasons to hire a career coach as there are job seekers.  Each person has their own unique situation.

Let's solve your problems and push you higher in your career!


Others who have been helped by career coaching...


  • A C-Level executive stuttered when explaining his job loss (he didn't even realize it) and couldn't get hired.  In just a few minutes, we discovered the problem and gave him a powerful way to explain the situation.  He got a great new C-level position.
  • I Skyped with a job seeker about to interview via webcam to help him become more confident and engaging on camera--he got his dream job!
  • An extremely talented and experienced professional got lots of interviews but no offers--we role-played to discover that she mentioned compensation in every interview.  When she stopped, she got an offer.
  • Out of work for months, a management-level candidate was about to take a job with a large pay cut. We worked on how to approach new companies, and he got an interview and a great role at his same salary as before (no pay cut!).
  • One woman said that coaching helped her value herself differently and speak more confidently about herself, which extended outside of her career into other areas of her life.  Who doesn't want to feel more confident about who they are and what they do?


Let's supercharge your job search and your career!

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