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The Last Best Question to Ask in Your Job Interview

The Last Best Question to Ask In Your Job Interview

You should always ask questions in every job interview, but the last question you ask is the most important. It’s the question with the biggest reward, but it’s also the one that takes the most courage to ask. What is it?

The last best question to ask in your job interview is: “Based on what we’ve talked about today, do you agree that I would be a good fit for this job?”

This kind of question is known in sales circles as closing. In sales, you ask for the business. Asking for it significantly boost your chances of getting it. The reason a sales technique works in job interviews is because the job search process is essentially a sales process.

The Job Search Is a Sales Process

For hiring managers, the decision of who to hire is a lot like the decision a consumer makes when choosing a product. So, in the job search, the hiring manager is the customer and you the job seeker are the product. You’re ‘selling’ yourself to the hiring manager (your future boss).

job search sales process

Why Closing Works in Job Interviews

When you close, you find out if you’ve done what you needed to do in this interview. If they agree that yes, you would be a good fit for the job, then you can leave the interview knowing you have an advocate for you and you’ll probably get the offer. If they say no or they’re not sure, then you can try to find out why. Is there a reason they’re hesitating? Maybe you can fill in some information for them that will change their mind. Or, you can ask for another meeting to have a chance to address their concerns.

Closing gives you the best possible chance at getting this job.

It may be difficult to ask, but the results will be worth it.

Other Ways to Close

If you can’t bring yourself to be bold enough to ask if they can see you in the job, you can go with a lower-key approach, like:

  • “Can you see me being successful in this position?”
  • “Is there any reason you wouldn’t offer me the job?”
  • “What’s my next step in this process?” (This question is a less direct way to ask. It assumes you’re moving forward. If they start talking about next steps, you can be confident you’re doing well. This is a different question than ‘When will you make a decision?’)

When You Should Close

As the interview is winding down, and it’s almost time to go, that’s the time to ask.


Final Thoughts

Learning to close a conversation by asking for the next step is a vital interview skill. Learn it, practice it, and try it out in your next job interview. I know that you’ll be glad you did.

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