September 11

What a Job Search Webinar Can Do for You


What can a job search webinar do for you? See what it did for Dave:


Just to recap…

Dave attended a webinar on a Tuesday in late July and learned a new approach for his job search. He started contacting hiring managers by Thursday, and got responses back by Friday.

In just a few short weeks (early September), Dave got a great job in the big data AI, analytics, and IT field.

For just a few minutes of time in job search webinar training, Dave is gaining $600,000. (The average length of a job these days is 3 years. So for Dave, this new job is worth $600,000 to him.)

The question for you is: How much is your job worth to you? Is it enough to spend an hour in a free training job search webinar?

With a new (and better) approach, you will have a better job search and a better outcome. What’s your dream job?

The webinar Dave attended: 5 Simple Steps to Beat Age Discrimination in Your Job Search. Are you over 50? This is the webinar for you.

If you haven’t reached that milestone yet, check out one of our other webinars:

Stop Applying for Jobs–Get Hired Instantly!

Get Hired in 6 Weeks–Guaranteed! 

Perfect Interview Answers


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Should you have a career coach?
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