Are you a new grad (pharmacist or otherwise)? The job search is tough.

Hispanic Graduate30-60-90-Day Plans absolutely help new graduates get a leg up in the job search race–to stand out from all the other fresh graduate competition. It’s tough to get a job with no experience, but a 90-day plan shows that you can do the job (and do it well) even without having that experience.

With a 90-day plan, Jorge got a job as a fresh grad that is usually reserved for pharmacists who complete a 2-year fellowship.  Congratulations, Jorge!

Here’s what he said:

Dear Peggy,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your services (interview prep documents, videos, webinars, [Hidden] Jobs Finder, and 90-day plan). With your help I was able to secure a job in the pharmaceutical industry straight out of pharmacy school. Your 90-day plan outline helped me impress the company so much that I was given a promotion to a senior title, which is usually for pharmacists who complete a 2-year industry fellowship. Thank you for helping me get the job of my dreams.

Warm regards,

Jorge, PharmD

Why is a 30-60-90-Day Plan so powerful in the job interviews?

It shows your knowledge, critical thinking skills, work ethic, communication skills, and so much more. They give the hiring manager a ‘test drive’ of you on the job. (See 7 reasons a 30-60-90-day plan gets you hired.)

If you’re having a problem breaking out of the pack of shiny new college graduates, you need a plan.

If you’re not getting the job offers you hoped for based on how hard you worked the last 4 years, you need a plan.

If you’re doing great and want to make sure you get the best possible offer so you launch your career right, you need a plan.

This is the 90-Day Plan Jorge mentions that helped him get a senior level pharmacy role as a new grad:  30-60-90-Day Action Plan

We also offer:

30-60-90-Day Sales Plan (for all sales roles)

30-60-90-Day Plan for Managers

30-60-90-Day Plan for Executives



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Should you have a career coach?
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