December 12

Monday Motivator for Your Job Search – The Key to Your Happiness

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Never put the key to your own happiness in someone else’s pocket. I like this quote for job seekers because too many people believe that they can’t do something–typically, people tell me that they can’t contact a hiring manager because the job listing says not to.

When you follow the system and apply for jobs online, you are putting the key to your happiness or success in HR’s pocket. You are giving them control.

When job seekers tell me that they are afraid to contact a hiring manager for this reason, I always say, “We don’t care about what they want. We care about you and what you need.”

If you don’t contact that hiring manager, you won’t get to interview. If you do contact the hiring manager, you might get the interview.

Ed applied twice to the same company for a job he was uniquely qualified for–but he didn’t get called for an interview. So I coached him to find the name of the hiring manager and contact that person. He did, and the hiring manager asked him to interview–within days. He got the job. After he was hired, he asked his new boss if he’d ever seen either of his previous applications, and the boss said, ‘no.’

Even though his new boss obviously wanted to hire him, those online applications kept them from communicating with each other.

Ed took control back from that flawed system and got hired.

That’s what you need to do.

I have some additional stories / examples of how others did this:

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How to Find Hidden Jobs like Andy did! (in 6 weeks!)

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I put together a kit that walks you through how to do this–find hidden jobs (around 70% of all jobs), know the names of hiring managers for those jobs and what to say when you contact them (for some, this is the hardest part).

It’s all in my Hidden Jobs Finder.

Get the kit (100% guaranteed), use it and let me know what happens.

Best of luck!



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