June 27

Job Search Statistics: Why Job Hunting Is So Difficult (and How to Get Hired)


Job searching can be tough. On bad days, you may think there’s something wrong with you. But the truth is that it’s not you; it’s the process itself. Job search statistics show what’s wrong with the current hiring system and I’ll show you how to go around it and get the job.

Job Search Statistics

Important job search statistics from TopResume:

  • 80% of jobs are not posted online
  • More than half of candidates are eliminated by applicant tracking systems
  • 73% of companies have used social media to recruit and hire
  • 70% of employers say they’ve turned down candidates with negative online content
  • Only about 5 out of hundreds of applications actually get interviews
  • More than half of people currently employed are considering a new job
  • Referrals account for about 1/3 of all external hires

Is the deck stacked against you because of these stats? Yes.  Many, many job seekers can’t find enough good jobs, and can’t get interviews for jobs they’re very qualified for. You are not alone.

How to make these job search statistics work for you instead of against you

80% of jobs are not posted

If 80% of jobs aren’t posted, then you need to find those hidden jobs. To find them, contact hiring managers directly at companies you’d like to work for. When you do, you’ll uncover these unposted, unadvertised jobs and have much better odds of getting an interview.

Applicant tracking systems eliminate half of job seekers 

If you’re applying for jobs but not getting interviews, the applicant tracking system is probably working against you. Remember that only about 5 people get interviews out of hundreds of applications. To get interviews, go around the ATS and contact hiring managers directly. A hiring manager (your future potential boss) can see your true skill set and value better than the computer. One job seeker even had a special, unique certification the job posting asked for—and the applicant tracking system rejected him anyway. When he contacted the hiring manager with the very same resume, he got the interview and the job.

Referrals make up 1/3 of external hires

One third of all hires happen through referrals—which means networking. To give yourself a better shot at getting interviews, let everyone in your network know about your job search goals. You never know who they might know, and they can help you get your foot in the door in places you may not expect. Learn how to use your network in a job search more effectively.

How do you contact hiring managers? Read How to Find Unadvertised Jobs and Get Interviews.

Don’t Get Rejected

And here’s a bonus tip: Notice that negative social media content has caused more 70% of employers to reject a candidate. So, please pay attention to what you put online. Your online presence matters in your job search. If necessary, clean up your social media pages to remove potentially controversial statements or images. This includes extreme political or religious views as well as any references to alcohol or drugs. These kinds of things can give a bad first impression to potential employers who don’t know anything else about you yet. It’s easier for them to walk away from something that could be problematic in one way or another.

If you can’t get past the online application, or you can’t find the job you really want, watch my free webinar:  Stop Applying and Get Hired Instantly!

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