June 19

Job Search Motivator – Improve Your Tomorrow

Use this quote as your job search motivator today!

If it’s hard to get going on a Monday (or any day) with all the things you need to do to find your job, remember that no matter what it is, you’ll get a benefit out of it at some point.

Everything you do in your job search today is an investment in yourself.

Redo your Resume
Your resume is the foundation of your job search. If it doesn’t market you, you won’t get interviews. Take the time to redo your resume and make it shine. Take out paragraphs, utilize bullet points and take advantage of the power of quantification (see How to Write a Resume That POPS!). Then you’ll have an impressive resume ready anytime a great opportunity presents itself.

Reach Out to Your Network
Make that call, send that email, or send that social media message. You never know where your next job lead could come from. The more you develop and nurture your network, the bigger rewards you’ll reap from it down the road.

Practice Your Interview Answers
Interviewing is a skill. Practicing your interview answers will only make you better, stronger, and more confident–in your next interview and in every interview you do in the future.

Not sure if your answers are job-winning answers? Work with a career coach.

Build Your Brag Book
Anyone can create a binder or folder with successes that illustrate or expand on your resume. Showing this to interviewers is a great thing, but even the act of steeping yourself in your past success is a huge confidence-builder. (See How to Create a Brag Book.)

Contact Hiring Managers
Stop applying for jobs online and start contacting hiring managers directly. This is one of the most effective ways to get interviews, and it’s led to stunning success for many job seekers.

(See How to Find Unadvertised Jobs and Get Interviews.)

Be hopeful. Be positive. Remember that every step you take is a step closer to your new job.

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In every one, I give you something that will dramatically improve your job search–along with a healthy dose of inspiration, motivation, and positive thinking. 

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