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job interview prep

Good Job Interview Prep Makes You Stand Out!

Good interview prep can absolutely help you get the job...but what does 'interview prep' really mean? Researching the company? Yes--but wait, there's more.

Good interview prep also means:

  • learning how to present yourself more positively to employers
  • practicing better communication skills and techniques
  • preparing for not just the interview, but also the actual job with a 30 60 90 day plan

Being the best-prepared candidate helps you get the job.

Here's how Ting Zhao used all these tips and more, and had a GREAT interview:


Thank you so much for your great tips...

...thank you for your closing tips on your video. The technique was powerful. I used it with the end of my interview. I literally got them all to say "yes". Even though I was not able to get the boss' boss to make a commitment on the spot, he was impressed with everything I shared with him.

...I asked permission to show my 30/60/90 day plan without hesitation when the hiring manager's boss asked me if I had any questions...

Finally, here is my "tell me about yourself" pitch:

I am an eCommerce solution architect and information systems expert. I specialize in user experience and 3rd party content integration. My passion is to help businesses build a 5-STAR award-winning eCommerce site that delights your customers, awards your shareholders and makes your associates proud.

Then, I handed over a presentation of my last eCommerce project.

...Take care and be well until next time!
Ting Zhao

p.s. In addition to my brag book and my 30/60/90 day plan, I printed out their job description and highlighted my qualifications. My goal was to keep them on track.  I also prepared some slides to show my past performance that demonstrated my qualifications for each job requirement. That worked really well.

p.p.s. I got a remark. "You are the most prepared candidate. We had so many candidates. Nobody was this prepared."


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