November 29

How to Build a 30 60 90 Day Plan to Get a New Job


Does this hot job market have you ready to move on to bigger and better things? Or are you feeling left behind because you still can’t get the job you want? In both cases, the key to standing out and moving up is to build a 30-60-90 day plan to get a new job.

What Is a 30 60 90 Day Plan

A 30-60-90-day plan is a strategic outline of action steps for your first 3 months on the job. It’s organized into one month sections (30, 60, and 90 days) that cover tasks and actions appropriate for that time.

How a 30 60 90 Day Plan Helps You In the Interview

Bringing your plan to the first interview demonstrates that you understand how to be successful in the role. When you walk them through it, they get a ‘test drive’ of life after they hire you.

Together, these things set you apart and make it much more likely that they’ll offer you the job.

How to Build a 30-60-90 Day Plan to Get a New Job

30 60 90 day plan to get a new jobFor best results, organize your plan into 3 pages–one page for each 30 days. Some people use bullet points for each section, and others use an outline. Whatever format you use, it should be easy to read and go over with the hiring manager.

It’s common to dedicate the first 30 days of your plan (and job) to getting established. Maybe you’ll learn procedures or software. You’ll definitely get to know coworkers. This is an important time to set your foundation in this new job.

Generally, you’ll go more in-depth during the next 30 days (the 60-day section). In your job, this may mean meeting people further out from your immediate group, such as support teams or lower-volume customers. Maybe you’ll begin evaluating problems to come up with solutions.

In all likelihood, you’ll hit full speed in the last 30 days (the 90-day section). Probably, you’ll implement changes, initiate new projects, go after new business, etc.

Because each section should cover a full page, make your plan extensive and as specific as possible,

Where Do I Find Company-Specific Information for My Plan?

It takes research to create a company-specific plan. For instance, if you’ll complete company training, include the name of that training in your plan. Or, if they use a certain software for reports, name that program. To find these important details, use Google, LinkedIn, and your network.

See this article for more help on how to find essential information for your 30-60-90-day plan.

What If Your Plan Isn’t Perfect

Even though you need to tailor your plan for that job, no hiring manager could possibly expect that your plan will be perfect. You’ve never worked there, so how could you have all the information? Just do your best and get feedback during the interview so you can make it perfect. Then, when you start your new job you’ll have a blueprint for success your new boss has already approved.

Get Help for Your 30-60-90-Day Plan to Get the Job

Bring a plan that’s proven to work. Use the 30-60-90-Day Plan Template developed through years of successful use by candidates and clients. What’s more, each plan includes coaching on how to present it with words and phrases that get the attention of hiring managers.

We have 4 different plans customized  for a variety of situations:

30/60/90 Day Action Plan
Action Plan for all white-collar jobs
Sales Plan for all sales jobs
Manager’s Plan for all  management-level positions
Executive’s Plan for Directors, VPs, Presidents, and C-suite positions






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