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Why should we give you the job over the other candidates?

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This is a tough job interview question.  Most people are not that comfortable with the idea of tooting their own horn, but that’s exactly what you have to do in a job search and in a job interview, and that’s especially what you have to do when you answer this question.  So feel free to brag. They are looking for you to sell yourself for the job.  Tell them why they need you.

In order to do that, you have to have done your pre-interview research plus a little self-analysis.  Know how your skill set equals the skill set required for this position…and if you can, show how you offer that PLUS a bit more.  That little bit extra is helpful to give you the edge over other candidates.

You don’t need a lot, just one more thing that makes you special over and above the other candidates.  Say what that is and how it’s going to help you exceed their expectations for that role.  You won’t just meet them, you’ll exceed them.

Talk about one or two specific accomplishments that really highlight you as a great candidate for this role. Talk about how well you fit culturally with the company, and how they’re going to see that even more when they talk to your references. (And your references better be outstanding…make sure you prep your references before the interview.  Just give them a heads up that you’re interviewing and what the job is for and what particular skills or accomplishments would be helpful for them to talk about.)

Everything you talk about should be focused on how you’re going to not just meet, but exceed their expectations.

Say something like, “I deserve the job because I have the skills, I meet the qualifications, I fit you culturally, I’ve done the work before successfully, I’m going to be able to perform successfully in this role, and that’s what you want, do you agree?”why should we hire you

It’s OK to ask if they agree or if you’ve answered the question—you need to know if you answered what they were asking, and they deserve an answer to an issue for them.  It’s easy.  Just say, “do you agree?” or “did that answer your question?” or “did I answer your question completely?”  That’s just good communication skills that are necessary in a job interview situation.


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