jobinterview - CopyWhat’s in the back of the hiring manager’s (interviewer’s) mind as they interview you for the job?  Lots of questions, like…

  • Can you do the job?
  • Will you do the job?
  • Will you cause me problems?
  • Will I like working with you?
  • Will you fit into this company?
  • Can you get up to speed quickly?

The very best way to answer all these questions in a positive way and show that you are the best person for the job is to bring a 30-Day Business Plan for your job interview.

Showing your future boss how you will attack the job from Day 1 in a productive, powerful way will make you stand head and shoulders above your competition for this job.  Why?  It helps them visualize you on the job, getting started, and it demonstrates for them that you are someone who works hard and knows how to set goals and achieve them.

How do you create a 30-Day Business Plan?

Think about every step of your first days on the job, and list that out on paper:  what training you’ll need to get up to speed, how you’ll get organized, how you’ll get to know everyone you work with, and so on.

Just the fact that you’ve thought about the job and your success in such detail will make you perform better in the interview.  You’ll give better answers to interview questions and have a higher-level conversation with the hiring manager than your competition who did not put this kind of effort into their interview prep.

If you are not sure how to create your own 30 Day Business Plan, use my 30-60-90-Day Plan Template, with examples and coaching.

This is a must-have for your next job interview.




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