July 27

Thinking of Hiring a Career Coach? Here Are 7 Solid Reasons You Should Go for It


Have you been thinking about hiring a career coach but not sure if that’s the best solution for you? Maybe you’re not sure you can even afford it. But consider this: in many situations, hiring a career coach will be the fastest, most successful solution AND it will more than pay for itself. Here are 7 times you should work with a coach:

  1. You’ve been job hunting but getting no offers.

Are you having trouble getting interviews? You may not be marketing yourself like you should. Your resume may have a knockout factor you can’t see. If you are getting interviews but no offers, you probably have a glitch in your interview skills that a coach could spot and show you how to fix. Role playing interviews with a coach is invaluable practice for acing any interview.

If you’re spinning your wheels in a job search, it’s costing you money and causing you unnecessary stress. How many paychecks have you missed out on so far? If you add that up, it’s probably much more than the cost of hiring a career coach.

  1. You’re switching careers.

Even if you have the transferable skills, changing careers can be difficult. You need to market yourself to new employers and speak their language. A good coach can help you sell your background to them and transition successfully.

  1. You’ve been fired or laid off.

I once coached a gentleman who was fired from his executive role. He was so shook up about how that would appear to employers that he stuttered and stumbled when he talked about it—but he didn’t realize he was doing it. His answers caused potential new bosses to shy away from him and he couldn’t get hired. When I worked with him to (1) realize that this wasn’t a career death sentence and (2) come up with a good explanation for what happened, he regained his confidence and was hired quickly. He didn’t lie; he just explained it in a new way and it made all the difference.

If you have an awkward situation from a past job, you absolutely need a good way to tell the story so it doesn’t scare off a potential new employer. A career coach is an ideal resource for you.

  1. You need a new job immediately.

When you need a solution fast, it’s always best to contact an expert. Someone who’s been through the process with hundreds or even thousands of other people can spot the problem and come up with the right solution. In a job search or career situation, it can save you dozens of hours researching, evaluating, trying and making mistakes.

Even better, an expert can draw on all that experience to customize their solution so it’s a perfect fit for you.

  1. You’re going for a promotion.

If you want the promotion, you’ll probably have to interview—and navigate some office politics along the way. A career coach can help you with both. We’ll show you how to present yourself successfully to people who already have experience with you (and maybe some biases).

  1. You want a raise.

Say you’re happy with where you work and what you do—but you think it’s time for a raise. Is it time? How do you ask? A coach can help you make your case and get the raise you deserve.

  1. You’re running low on confidence.

One of the biggest issues I see with practically every coaching client I work with is a lack of confidence. Some of the most talented, experienced people you’ll ever meet suffer from that feeling that they’re not quite good enough. With a coach, you can boost your confidence and be strong enough to go for what you really want in your career. Just having a solution or a plan can do wonders, but so can getting an unbiased, realistic opinion of how you stack up. You’ll have a better sense of your own value in the job market.

How hiring a career coach works

peggy mckee career coachingWorking with me as your career coach is easy. Just go to my coaching link to schedule your time. I coach in 30-minute or 1-hour increments, with a special offer for 3 hours of coaching which can be broken up as necessary. You’ll send me relevant materials like your resume and LinkedIn profile URL and I’ll look them over before we talk. We can talk over the phone or on Skype. I often record phone calls at the client’s request so you can listen to it later. This helps, because I typically cover a lot of ground in my coaching calls.

I would love to help you with whatever you need. Contact me today!

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