February 23

What Does a Career Coach Do?

career coachingYou may have heard the term ‘career coach,’ but you wonder, “What is a career coach?” “What can career coaching do for me?”

A career coach is someone who can help you in your career—either to advance, to secure a new job, or to transition into a new position. A coach can also be someone who helps you with starting your own business. These are broad categories.

Here are some specific things a good career coach can do for you:

Job Search Documents

  • Improve your Resume
  • Develop a 30-60-90-Day Plan
  • Create a Brag Book

Online Presence

  • Make your LinkedIn Profile More Effective
  • Develop your Personal Brand
  • Help you Utilize Social Media More Effectively
  • Help You Get Found Online


  • Increase your Networking Skills
  • Find Hidden Jobs

Job Search and Interviews

  • Market Yourself to Potential Employers or Clients
  • Hone your Interview Skills
  • Crush a Panel Interview
  • Navigate a Skype Interview
  • Negotiate a Higher Salary or Compensation Package

Solve Problems

  • Pinpoint Areas Where You Need to Improve
  • Craft Positive Explanations for Awkward or Negative Situations

New Opportunities

  • Transition to a New Field
  • Transition from the Military to a Civilian Job
  • Start Your Own Business

Advance in Your Career

  • Get a Promotion
  • Develop or Improve Skills Valuable to Employers
  • Sharpen your Skills at Office Politics
  • Improve How you Present Yourself to Others
  • Become a Better Communicator
  • Boost your Confidence

Many of these are skills that we didn’t learn in school, but we do need to know in order to find success in our careers.

Some things (like networking, interviewing, salary negotiation, or office politics) are notoriously problematic for many of us. However, working with a coach can give you personalized solutions that make them a lot easier and more comfortable for you.

I’d love to work with you as your interview and career coach.

Find out more about my special offer for personal 1:1 coaching or my group coaching membership that meets online Thursday evenings at 7:00pm CST!


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Should you have a career coach?

Should you have a career coach?
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