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Even though your interviewer can’t see you, using the right body language in your phone interview will help you to have a better outcome.


One of the simplest things you can do to project confidence and enthusiasm over the phone is to smile while you talk.  It’s amazing what smiling does to the sound of your voice.  You sound friendlier.  You sound more relaxed.  It’s all good.

Stand Up

You might not realize this, but your voice will project more energy if you stand up when you talk than if you sit.  There’s some psychology at play here, too:  you will actually feel more confident standing up than sitting.  You’ll feel more powerful.

Walk Around (Maybe)

If you have a headset, walking around while you talk is a great way to make yourself more comfortable in a phone interview.  Your feet spend some of the nervous energy that might come out through your voice.  But don’t walk around so much that you end up out of breath.  That won’t sound good on the other end of the line at all.

Follow Your Mother’s Advice and Sit Up Straight

If you are more comfortable sitting in a chair for your interview, make sure you’re sitting up straight with good posture, and not slumping in your seat.  Slumping will make you sound tired and less interested in the job than you probably are.  Sitting up straight ensures that you sound attentive and interested.  You’ll breathe better, which will make your voice sound better.

Practice Relaxed Body Language

What you do physically while you’re on the phone will show up in your voice.  If you’re sitting there all tensed up in your chair, you’ll sound tense.  If you sit with your arms crossed, you’ll sound just a little less friendly.  Sit (or stand) with a relaxed, comfortable posture and it will help you sound like you are relaxed and comfortable with the interviewer, too.

Don’t Fidget

Movement is good; fidgeting is not.  Nervous habits will not help you to feel more relaxed in the interview, and may even be distracting to the interviewer, depending on what they are.  Tapping your pen on the desk, tapping your foot, drumming your nails on the table are all attention-diverters. They will give away your nervousness and make the interviewer think you’re not very confident in your ability to do the job.

Expect a Positive Outcome

Above all else, go into your telephone interview expecting it to go well.  If you have a positive attitude, your breathing will relax, your voice will sound positive, and you will project confidence.


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