Thank you notes make you stand out from your competition after the interview!

This is what you need to do after every single job interview.

  1. Send a substantial thank you note. Don’t just say thanks. This is another selling opportunity here. Another chance to point out why you’d be a great fit. Tie it in with something you spoke about in the interview conversation. So mention that you enjoyed talking with them, add some additional thoughts about how you and your skills are a great fit, and what you learned makes you even more enthusiastic about working there.
  2. Send your note by email, not snail mail.  Thank you emails are entirely appropriate. They show you understand the speed of business and are comfortable with technology. And most importantly, they keep you in the conversation because lots of hiring decisions happen fast. You don’t want them to make a decision while the post office still has your letter.
  3. If you didn’t get your interviewer’s email address, here’s a trick:  Use Google. Do a search of the general email addresses of the company. Type in a * and then @ plus whatever the name of the company is, so it looks like this:  “*”. That should lead you to the address of everyone who works there, or at least show you how their email addresses are constructed.

Here’s a sample thank you note.


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