I love Google…but it’s no job interview coach. You need a job interview questions and answers strategy guide to help you get the job offer.

Have you ever Googled “best interview answers” or “job interview questions and answers”? Of course you have. Everybody does. Here’s the problem:  The links you get are filled with the same formulaic answers. No wonder it’s so hard to stand out in a job interview!

The solution? Take a new approach. Think strategically about your interview, the the answers you give and questions you ask, and you’ll sell, sell, sell yourself all the way to the job offer.

Why does being strategic in your job interviews matter?

Two reasons:

(1) The job interview and hiring process is a sales process. The thought and decision making that hiring managers (your future bosses) go through to decide who to hire is the same kind of process you go through when you’re deciding on which thing to buy.

(2) Even though the job interview is like a hiring process every time, every individual interview is its own unique situation–with different details, different requirements, and different wish lists for the perfect person for the job.

When you understand how to approach your interviews strategically, you’ll be much more effective at interviewing. You’ll be less anxious. You’ll make fewer mistakes. You’ll have more confidence. You’ll get more job offers.

How can you be more strategic?

For starters, you need to understand a few things:

  • Every hiring manager has the same 4 common concerns about hiring you. They won’t come right out and ask you about these concerns, but if you don’t address them, they won’t hire you.
  • It’s incredibly important to find out as much as you possibly can about the job, the company, and the interviewer before you join that conversation. You never want to ask in the interview anything you could have Googled to find out on your own.
  • The more you know ahead of time, the better you’ll answer their interview questions.
  • You need to ask the interviewer questions, too. Ask about the job, the company, the goals, and what they’re hoping most to get in the person who fills this role. The more you can find out directly from your future boss, the better off you’ll be. (See this post on questions to ask in an interview.)
  • You need to choose and coach great references before you go to the interview. They need to be credible to that hiring manager and know what’s important for them to say about you.

These are just a few of the things you need to do so you take control of this interview process.

job interview questions and answers strategy guideLearn everything you need to know about how to do this in my Strategic Interview Approach training video.

In this training video, I show you how to approach phone interviews, panel interviews, behavioral event interviews, face-to-face interviews, pre-interview research, job interview questions and answers, what questions you should ask, what you should wear, and what common mistakes to avoid.

See what others have said about my Strategic Interview Approach and get yours today. 


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