August 8

How to Get a Job in 6 Weeks

Are you unemployed? Chances are, you need to land your next job fast. Learn how to get a job in 6 weeks.

Getting a job fast is all about taking a focused, proactive approach. You never want to rely on applying for jobs you see posted online. Statistically, those won’t work for you. And the jobs posted online aren’t all the jobs available anyway. (See this post about hidden jobs.)

What steps should you take to get a job fast?

Step 1 – Start with Your Resume

Your resume needs to sell you almost like a product. It needs to be a marketing document for you. One of the most important ways to improve your resume is by quantifying your accomplishments (adding numbers, dollars, and percentages to describe the things you’ve done).

Step 2 – Find and Contact Hiring Managers Directly

A hiring manager is the person who would be your boss or your boss’s boss in your role. By reaching out to these people directly, you skip the black hole of cyberspace that online applications fall into and boost your chances of actually getting an interview (by a lot).

Even better, when you follow this method, you uncover hidden jobs. At least 50% of all open, available jobs are not publicly advertised or posted at any given time. Those hidden jobs can be some of the best jobs with the least amount of competition for you if you find them.

Step 3 – Send a Great Cover Letter

Too many job seekers send a boring, generic cover letter or email that doesn’t make them seem attractive to their future boss. If it’s bad enough, they may not even want to read your resume.

The good news is that it isn’t that difficult to write a compelling cover letter. It should incorporate some of the same principles of a good resume–like quantification of your accomplishments.

Step 4 – Work Your Network

Everyone you know and everyone you’ve ever met should know you’re looking for a job because you never know where your next lead will come from. For some people, that’s uncomfortable. You may not want everyone to know you’re out of work. Or, you may need to keep certain people out of the loop.

When you do all these things together, you’ll get interviews. You need several interviews in order to get a good job offer (or 2-3).

But job searches are big efforts with a lot of moving parts. Because finding a job is tough, I put together a free online training webinar for you called:

How to Get a Job in 6 Weeks

In this webinar, I go through detailed tips and strategies for everything you need to do to get a job quickly:

  • Improve Your Resume
  • Find and Contact Hiring Managers
  • Write an Interview-Getting Cover Letter
  • Utilize Your Network Effectively

I cover all this and more. You’ll leave this training session with valuable strategies you can put to use immediately to get interviews. Watch it now!



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