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Why do you believe you are the best fit for this position?

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This job interview question closely resembles “Why should we hire you?” It’s one question that makes candidates very uncomfortable because it puts them on the spot, but it’s really a fantastic question.  Why? It allows you free rein to sell yourself for the job.

Remember that every job interview is a sales process. You are the product (and the sales rep), and the hiring manager is the buyer. Why should he or she choose you above all the other products available?

A bad answer focuses on you:  “Because I really need the job,” “Because I really want the job,” or “Because I would be great at it and love it.”

A good answer focuses on them:  What problems can you solve for them?  What solutions do you provide to them? Tie everything to what they have asked for in a candidate, both in what you read in the job description (job interview preparation is essential to answering this question) and what you learned through asking questions in the interview (if you’ve had a chance to do that yet).

Why do you believe you are the best fit for this position?You need to think about the things a hiring manager is looking for:  the skill sets, the relationships, the background, the character traits…everything that is necessary to be successful in this role. Maybe it’s going to be an incredible amount of work, so you need to point out your work ethic. Maybe it’s going to require tremendous communication skills, so you need to give an example of yours. Maybe it requires a quick learning curve, so you can say why you’re going to be able to get up to speed quickly. Maybe it requires a particular background, and you have that.

Know how your skill set equals the skill set required for this position, and then deliver a concise but detailed statement that explains that. Show them that you fit. And provide a few examples of how you have done that in the past (which means that you can do it again for them).  What have you achieved or accomplished that make you a great fit for this role?

Here’s an example:  “I’m the best for this because you said you were looking for A, B, and C:  I’ve got A…we talked about that; I’ve got B…I showed you that; I’ve got C…you asked me questions about that.  I fit all your requirements. That’s why I’m the best fit for this position.” You are reiterating what you have talked about and summed it up for them.

Don’t be shy…tell them why they need you.


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