October 18

Fastest Way to Find a Job – Tip 12 — Job Boards

Job Search Tip


Job Boards


What do I mean by job boards? The big ones are Monster, CareerBuilder, SimplyHired, and Indeed.  Companies post job openings and requirements on there, with instructions for how to apply for that job.
What job seekers normally hear from me is, “Step away from the job board!  Contact the hiring manager directly!”  It is good advice.  Jobs that are listed on job boards are seen by so many people that if you apply for them, you are one of many and it’s hard to stand out.  Plus, the human resources people in charge of collecting the applications from those only choose the ones with perfect matches to their listed requirements.  If your background is not letter-perfect, you won’t get chosen.  The net result is that a lot of people spend a lot of time filling out online applications from job boards and never hear anything back at all.

Even with that said, I can never advise anyone to never, ever go after a job they find on a job board.  I don’t think it’s a good idea to cut off any avenue in your search.  But I do want you to realize that job boards probably aren’t going to be as productive as other things you could be doing and budget your time accordingly.  For instance, networking and contacting hiring managers directly are both better options than job boards and you should spend a bigger percentage of your time there.  It’s an 80/20-Rule thing.