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Best Tip to Get Back in the Workforce: 30-60-90-Day Plan

Have you been a stay at home mom but you're ready to get back into the workforce? Maybe you took time off to be a caregiver for a loved one in ill health.

If it's been a while since you had a full-time job, you've probably been told to brace for a long job search, reset your expectations, and plan on coming back at a lower level than before. Not only do employers assume you're out of touch with current best practices, they're probably discriminating against you because of your age (according to an AARP survey).

This all sounds awful, but the good news is that this doesn't have to be your story. Need proof? Look at what happened to Dereck:


After taking a 5-year career break to look after my children following the death of my wife, I resume my career...

After having sooooo many job applications ignored or turned down...I finally got invited for an interview. It went dreadfully even though I could have done the job with my eyes closed.

I was invited for another a different company so I purchased a copy of your Interview question books and 306090 day plan book [on Amazon].

I studied these with interest and did my preparation. Went to the interview with my question list and 306090 day plan, but some of my experience wasn’t broad enough.

Although I was turned down for the job, the interviewing manager recommended me to his directors stating “this was the best prepared candidate I have ever seen and we would be mad to let him go.”

So I was invited back for another interview for a more senior role that didn’t yet exist, and for which they had no other candidates.

This was a unique challenge – but I still did a 306090 day plan for it (based simply on a one-word hint from the recruiting team), extending it to cover tasks in months 4-6 and beyond

Today I was offered this more senior job, on a good salary, with promise of a review after 6 months to increase that further once the role has been properly scoped. I’m defining my own dream job!

And all because your books taught me to be prepared. Thank you so much for all the great advice.

Warm Regards,


Without a plan, he was totally qualified for the job--but he didn't get it.

WITH a plan, they were so impressed with him that they invited him back to interview for a HIGHER level position they created just for him.  It doesn't get any better than that.

What's so special about a plan?

A 30-60-90-day plan is a written outline of your prioritized tasks and goals for the first 3 months on the job. It dramatically illustrates your value and helps you secure the job offer, no matter how long you've been out of the game.

When you bring a 30 60 90 day plan:

  • You ease their fears that you've lost your touch while you were gone
  • You show that you can minimize any 'learning curve' and contribute immediately
  • You demonstrate your knowledge, work ethic, and strategic thinking
  • You communicate more effectively and have a stronger interview
  • The hiring manager (your future boss) will easily see your value
  • You will get a better offer than you would have without it
  • You'll have more negotiation power

Take a 30-60-90-Day Plan to your next interview!

We recognize that creating a plan is harder than it sounds. There are a lot of parts and pieces to it, and you need to know what's really important. You also need to know how to present it most effectively in the interview. For these reasons, we developed plan templates that make it easy for you to create your own customized plan. We included coaching to help you use it to get the job.

30 60 90 day plan for job interviewWherever you are in your career, we have a plan for you:


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How to Answer Interview Questions Ebook - Cover

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  How to Work With Recruiters Effectively

Recruiter-Ebook-Cover - CopyWhat's the most powerful place you can be in as a job seeker? The most powerful place you can be as a job seeker is having someone the company knows and trusts marketing you for the job--that someone is a recruiter. If you are in a job search now, or want to get better and better opportunities throughout your career, you need to understand how to leverage the considerable power of recruiters.

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  How to Ace Your Phone Interview

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Finding a Job Fast, Using a 30 60 90 Day Plan

306090ebookFinding a Job Fast, Using a 30/60/90-Day Plan brings you a dynamic new way to take control of your job search and prove to hiring managers that you have what it takes to join the team. Whether you have years of experience in your field or none at all, you can get the job offer you have been waiting for.

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 How Do You Prepare For an Interview?

PrepareforInterviewebookJob interviews are more competitive than ever.  If you go to interviews but are not getting offers, someone else is out-preparing and out-performing you in the interview.  This book will turn YOU into the stand-out candidate who walks away with the job.

As a Bonus with the book, you also get a Free Downloadable Interview Prep Guide - Career Confidential's Job Interview Prep Kit will walk you through any professional or executive job interview preparation.

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'I Got The Interview Because I Contacted the Hiring Manager'

business peopleEd applied TWICE for the same position and didn't get any response--then he contacted the hiring manager directly, and got the interview!

...I have an interview on Tuesday that I'm hoping leads to an offer! I used Peggy's system to contact the VP of Technology Delivery in the company who did not know about the 2 previous times I've applied to this company for the same position.  But this time, it worked! She forwarded my resume to the Training Manager who referred my info to the HR Manager who called last Friday.

After that conversation, she told me that she was going to have the Training Manager contact me--she called [face-to-face] interview is with the TM first, followed by the VP I originally sent my resume to, then someone in the Services department and finally the HR Manager! So I'm thinking, why would they have me meet with the VP and this other person unless maybe I was their choice and then HR at the end for the offer?  Sounds good and interesting and so I have Peggy to thank if this works out...


Congratulations, Ed!  Your story demonstrates the power of going around HR and contacting the hiring manager (or higher) directly.

The system Ed used to contact the hiring manager and get the interview:  The Hidden Jobs Finder

5 Creative Ways to Stand Out in Your Job Search and Interviews!

Can’t get an interview?Business SWOT Analysis  Can’t get past the first interview?

Are you demonstrating the levels of commitment, drive, tenacity, skills and organization employers want?

Here are 5 powerful ways to set yourself apart from every other candidate so that YOU are the one that everyone wants to hire:


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Personal Job Search Evaluation (Find Out What Is Going On...)

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Stop following typical job search advice that gets you a typical job search—long, frustrating, and difficult.

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I'll move you from that 99% to the top 1% of all job seekers by giving you THE secret to getting a job. 

  • It will be tailored to your personal circumstances and career
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The best news is…it’s practically effortless, and anyone can do it. It’s helped thousands of other people just like you get a great job fast, and it can help you get hired, too.


Jumpstart Your Job Search - New eBook on Amazon!

Jumpstart Your Job Search - 25 Ways to Find a Job Fast!
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Companies are hiring right now, every day. If you aren’t getting interviewed for those jobs, you are missing out. This is the book that will show you how to find those hiring managers and get the job you want.
25 ways to find a job fast

What This Book Will Do For You:

  • Give you fresh ideas, strategies, and encouragement to get a job
  • Tell you how to use ‘tried and true’ methods in a better, smarter way
  • Show you how to be social media savvy and grow your network
  • Give you ‘speak to an actual person’ networking tips and insights
  • Warn you about job search mistakes that are holding you back
  • Give you 25 ways to get more interviews and find a job FAST

What Kinds of Tips Are in the Book?

  • How to use LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and other social media
  • How to speak with unexpected contacts from your past and where to find the best new ones
  • How to work with recruiters, job boards, and career fairs
  • How to excel at networking events and professional functions
  • How to uncover surprising opportunities through temporary or volunteer work
  • How to avoid the biggest wastes of your time

Who This Book Is For:

If you feel like your job search is stalled because you can’t get enough interviews, then this is the book for you! It will jumpstart your job search and put you in the interview seat, so you can get a job fast.

If you're in a job search, download this book now.


Veterans' Job Search Training Video [Online Now]

transitioning from military to civilianAre you transitioning from a military job to a civilian job now or in the next year?

If so, you must watch this video to learn the 5 Most Important Steps To Getting a Civilian Job Fast.

>> Watch The Training Video Here <<

This is what many other veterans (and soon-to-be veterans) are using for a super-fast, super-successful job search.

Don't let anything keep you from getting this training.  You need it.

Watch the video ASAP.


Fastest Way to Find a Job? Contact Bosses From Your Past

Looking for a fast way to find a job?  Your previous boss might just be a good resource for you--in a variety of ways.

In the video below, I will tell you why it's worth contacting your previous boss when you're in the job search, and how these people can help you in more ways than you know.  Click the video to watch.

Do you have a poor relationship with your previous boss?  Maybe you were even firedRead my blog post on how to contact previous bosses in your job search for great tips on how to handle even difficult situations with past bosses.  Fastest Way to Find a Job Tip 2.

For lots of out-of-the-box ideas to help you find a job fast, check out my blog series, Fastest Way To Find a Job - 25 Tips for a Super-Fast Job Search.



Fastest Way To Find a Job? Don't Discount Newspapers or Craigslist

Want a way to find a job that most people will overlook? Try newspapers or Craigslist.

In the short video below, I will tell you why these can still be good opportunities for you.

Click on the video to watch.

Now, read my blog article to learn different creative ways you can use newspapers or Craigslist as a resource to give you an edge in your job search: Fastest Way To Find a Job Tip 17.

Then go and check out my entire blog series, Fastest Way to Find a Job - 25 Tips for a Super-Fast Job Search.

Fastest Way To Find a Job? YouTube

Do you want to stand out in today's job search? If so, then you can't just do what everyone else is doing. Sometimes, you've got to make a big leap out of the box. One way to do that is to use YouTube in your job search.

In the video below, I've got a great story of someone who used video to land a job in 3 weeks. Would that work for you? Click the video to watch.

Now, read my article about this: Fastest Way to Find a Job Tip 11. I'll give you more ideas for using video in your job search, and even give you some technical tips so you look good on camera!

Don't forget to check out my entire blog series, Fastest Way To Find a Job. In the series, there are 24 other great ways to stand out in your job search.

Fastest Way to Find a Job? Check In With Past Co-Workers

Previous co-workers are a great job search resource. But don't limit yourself by only asking, "Do you know of any job openings?"

In the video below, I will tell you 4 different ways that your past co-workers can help your job search. Click to watch.

Read my entire blog article about this to get even more suggestions: Fastest Way to Find a Job - Tip 8 - Previous Co-Workers. It's part of my series, Fastest Way to Find a Job Series - 25 Tips for a Super-Fast Job Search.

Fastest Way to Find a Job? Talk to Companies You Have Interviewed With In the Past

How many times have you interviewed for jobs but didn't get it? Even though you were qualified, you were interested, and you had a great interview conversation? Probably at least a few....we all have. Or maybe you were offered the job but had to turn it down.

If you are in the job search right now, make a list of those companies and contact them again. Not to ask for a job--to ask for information.

In the video below, I will tell you about my own experience and how you can use this rich resource in your own job search. I'll even tell you what to say when you call. Click on the video to watch.

Read my blog article that goes into much greater detail on this: Fastest Way to Find a Job - Tip 9 - Companies You've Interviewed With Before. It's one article in my 25-part blog series, Fastest Way to Find a Job: 25 Tips for a Super-Fast Job Search.

The Fastest Way to Find a Job Could Be Facebook

If you only use Facebook to socialize, you could be missing out on a great job.

In the video below, I tell you who's on Facebook that you're missing out on, and how to take advantage of this enormous networking resource.


Read my entire blog article about this:  Fastest Way to Find a Job - Tip 4 -- Facebook.  It's part of the Fastest Way to Find a Job Series - 25 Tips for a Super-Fast Job Search.

Fastest Way to Find a Job: The Right Way to Use Career Counseling Centers

Should career counseling centers have a place in your job search?  Maybe...IF you use them right.  Just like there's a right way and a wrong way to write a resume, contact a company, or answer an interview question, there is a right way and a wrong way to use a career counseling center.

A job search should be an aggressive, all-in kind of effort that gets you hired fast.  In the video below, I'll tell you how you should incorporate career counseling centers into your job search--it's not what you think.


Here's an entire blog article with more ideas on this subject: Fastest Way to Find a Job Tip 24