November 18

You got the offer…should you take the job?

should i take the jobYou may have done a lot of work to get the job offer, but should you take it? Maybe…maybe not.

I think you should try to get as many offers as you can, because that gives you options and leverage. Also, sometimes you’ll get a job offer for a higher-level job than the one you interviewed for (this has happened when job seekers bring a 30-60-90-day plan).

However, not every job offer is one you should take. Turning down a job offer can be a difficult thing to do, because you may have a fear of uncertainty about when you’ll get another offer–but making the wrong choice can be disastrous.

There are a lot of warning signs to heed when considering a job offer, and important questions to ask yourself. One of them is, ‘Does this job fit with the career path I want? Will it lead to other roles I may want later?’

I advised Vera to turn down a job offer that I thought was a dead-end job (for her, in her specific situation). By waiting just a bit longer, she got a better-fit job at THREE TIMES the salary of the other one. She can already see greater opportunities in her future:

The preparation was extremely helpful, and a consultation with Peggy was fantastic, esp. because she told me to turn down a dead end job. Which I did, and what a relief it was! (The job I did get pays almost 3x as much and opens many venues.)
Thank you,
Vera M.

If you’re not sure about whether or not you should take the job, try to step back and look at it objectively. A 50,000 foot overview can give you great insight in your decision-making, because it’s easy to get lost in the weeds of it.

If that’s too difficult to do (and it may very well be), get some advice…

  • Go to a trusted friend (hopefully one with knowledge of the industry you’re in)
  • Do what Vera did–join Career Confidential’s Total Access Club (TAC)
    • We have meetings every other week with approximately 45 minutes reserved for group members to ask questions and get advice on their individual situations. Our members say they also learn a lot from listening to what other job seekers are experiencing.

Choosing whether or not to take the job can be a tough decision. Gather all the information you can, get advice, and make a decision that works for your life and career.

Best of luck!



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