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Are you worried about finding a job? It’s easy to panic about your job search. Putting yourself out there for judgement is practically guaranteed to generate some anxiety.  If you’re out of work while you’re searching, it’s worse.

But when is it really time to panic?

  • You’re not getting interviews
  • You’re getting interviews but no offers
  • You’ve been in the job search over 3 months

If you find yourself in one of these situations, what do you do?

Don’t Panic--Get Help

The fastest and easiest way to get past any of these 3 issues is to get some one-on-one, personal career coaching.

Why coaching?

A good coach can spot problems you don’t even know you have and then give you custom solutions to get you back on track.

How coaching has helped others

A C-Level executive was getting interviews but no offers. He’d been laid off, and was understandably shook up. But what he didn’t realize is that he stuttered and hesitated when he spoke about it. His career coach spotted the issue, worked with him on how to address it, and he got a great new role.

Some people don’t have a big issue—they just aren’t good at interviewing. Role playing with a coach can improve your interview performance dramatically and immediately.

Another job seeker at the management level had been looking for months with no luck. He was a talented person who couldn’t get interviews. He thought he was going to have to set his sights lower and take a lesser job than he’d had before (with a pay cut). With coaching, he learned how to find more jobs than he had known about before. And he learned how to approach them more effectively so he could get interviews. As a result, he got an interview and an offer for a great job near his home with the same salary as before.

These kinds of situations can happen with new graduates, mid-level, and executive job seekers. Everyone’s situation is different. Because they’re different and unique, a career coach is often the best and fastest solution.

How do you find a coach?

First, you need a coach with experience and a proven track record. Then, you need a coach you can talk to, who builds your confidence as well as your job search skill set.

There’s a lot more here on how to find a career coach.

I invite you to check out my coaching page for information. You can even set up a short, 30-minute session to put a toe in the water and see what you think.

Find my coaching information here: Peggy McKee Career Coaching

Best of luck!