September 1

This Is the Job Interview 90-Day Action Plan You Want

If you’ve ever wondered whether a 30-60-90-day plan could help you, see what our customers have to say about our job interview 90-day action plan! Here are 3:

Laid Off – But Got a Better Job

“I GOT THE JOB!” and I am sure it was the 30-60-90 Day Plan that put me ahead of the other primary candidate…my new boss was highly impressed – both that I went through the effort but also because it mirrored his own plan of action for the position he was seeking to fill (Senior Project Manager). I beat the odds in this economy and was only on my job search just a hair over 3 months – and …it is actually a step up into a senior management position…So much has changed since the last time I had to actively look for a job.” – Daniel M.


The Plan Closed the Deal and Got the Offer

“I did it. I have never been unemployed before. However after 14 months of unemployment I got a job. I could not have done it without your help. 
I succeeded in entering a new field without inside experience at 60 years of age…The second, third and fourth levels were blown away by my 30,60,90 day marketing plan. It closed the deal. I started work last Thursday.” – Patrick R.


Got the Job Offer in 45 Minutes

“THANK YOU. I interviewed yesterday for a job I really wanted when it came time for me to ask questions I pulled out my 30, 60, 90 day plan and presented it to them. WOW WOW WOW they were won over!!! One of the individuals (the final say so guy) replied I have been interviewing candidates for hourly jobs all the way up to Managers for over 20 years and never has anyone ever presented a plan like this, “this is impressive”. My mind is made up I have no further questions. The recruiter I was working with received a call (before I could drive home a 45 min. drive) with a job offer. IT REALLY DOES WORK!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!” – Sidney


Get a 30-60-90-Day Action Plan for Your Next Interview

Don’t go to one more interview without everything you need to get the offer. Take control of your interview success when you bring a 30/60/90-Day Action Plan.

Our plan transforms your interview into a positive conversation about what life will look like with you on the job. Use the plan to demonstrate your drive, enthusiasm, and professionalism, and convince the hiring manager that you’re the one to hire. Because few job seekers are willing to go the extra mile it takes to do something this special, you truly shine. Even if you’ve never worked in this field before, this preparation proves that you know how to do the job.

30/60/90 Day Action Plan

Our 30/60/90-Day Action Plan is designed for any white-collar professional, and adaptable to any industry. This kit makes a labor-intensive process very easy! It walks you through every step to creating a plan, from where to find the information you need, to what to say when you show it to the hiring manager.

  • Find out exactly what the best plans include
  • See examples of what your plan should look like
  • Take advantage of a fill-in-the-blank template to make the process easy
  • Customize the PowerPoint template for a slick presentation
  • Hear the exact words to use when talking about the plan
  • Learn how to use it to ask questions that give you critical information for the job
  • Use key phrases to guide the interview and ask for the job
  • Even incorporate your plan into a strategic follow up

This kit focuses on the practical, “how to” steps to creating one of the most powerful interview tools ever, making a difficult, time-consuming task super-easy. It can guide you to a complete job-winning plan in less than an hour.

Get Your Job Interview 90-Day Action Plan Now! 



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Should you have a career coach?
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