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The Hidden Job Market: What It Is and How to Crack It to Find the Best Job for You


What is the Hidden Job Market?

The hidden job market is a term many people use to describe the vast number of job openings that aren’t posted online anywhere. Guesses at the actual number of these hidden jobs varies widely. I’ve seen anywhere from 40% to 90%. The truth is that the actual number doesn’t matter. What matters is that if you’re job hunting, there are some jobs you’re not seeing that may be a perfect fit. If you crack the hidden job market, you can find the best job for you.

Why Are Some Jobs Hidden?

The term ‘hidden’ is a bit misleading. It’s not like companies are keeping these jobs secreted away, like they don’t really want to hire someone. What’s really going on is that the jobs are not currently advertised. They’re not on ZipRecruiter, Monster, CareerBuilder, or even the company website—and may not ever be. Maybe the job just opened up because the person currently in it just handed in her resignation. There could be confidentiality issues. Possibly, the hiring manager likes to hire through employee recommendations or recruiters. There’s a whole host of possible reasons.

What matters for you is this: If you uncover these jobs first, you put yourself in the front of the line for them and reduce your competition. You boost your chances to find the best job.

How to Find Hidden Jobs

Networking – You never know who knows somebody who knows somebody who knows that a job is coming open. Someone in your network may be just the person to introduce you to your new boss. Networking is and has always been one of the most effective ways to find a new job. Let ALL of your business and social contacts know you’re looking, and what you’re looking for.

(See these 4 Easy Networking Tips.)

Work with a Recruiter – Recruiters often have established relationships with many of the companies in your space and know all the jobs that need to be filled. If a recruiter with a good working relationship recommends you for a position, you’re practically guaranteed an interview.

(Check out my Amazon book on Working with Recruiters.)

Contact the Hiring Manager Yourself – The hiring manager (your potential new boss) knows what job they need to fill and knows the kind of person who could best fill it. This is the decision maker, so this is who you should be talking to. Search for names of companies in your field and identify the names of people you would report to. Send them an email directly with your resume. That’s a positive attention-getter that just might get you called for an interview.

Need Help Finding Hidden Jobs?

If you can’t get past the online application, or you can’t find the job you really want, watch my free webinar:  Stop Applying and Get Hired Instantly!  See how thousands of jobseekers skipped online applications, got multiple interviews, and got hired fast. Get a better job faster!

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