Peggy McKee - Career Coaching 'Fairy Godmother'

When I tell job seekers they need to close for the job, many of them are nervous about actually doing it (like Viv).  But when they try it, they usually get a big reward--a job offer!  (I love this email!  Congratulations, Viv!)

Hi Peggy

I just had to drop you a line to share with you some feedback...

I took a I went for an interview and found myself uttering the words near the end "So is there anything you are thinking about right now that is making you hesitate in relation to me for this role?" [Closing for the Job]

I am paraphrasing there but it worked and I then successfully addressed the concerns the hiring manager had and then met the team at the end of the interview.

It is a temporary to permanent role...They will support my professional qualifications i.e. I am taking some examinations in November and will be studying for those but I won't complete until next May and they will support me in that and have offered me a travel pass to help with transport costs too.

There are lots of challenges ahead ... but looks like opportunities are there, too, for me to move forward and progress in my career path.  The salary band is what it is but I can see scope for the future and I asked some pretty delving questions to be sure I now what is really going on.

So thank you Peggy for keeping me motivated and prepared to sell myself.

I will keep doing my homework because you make it so fun and practical and I am sure there is more I can learn to keep going in the right direction.

Peggy my fairy godmother.

Thanks for your help.


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