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Video Conference - Copy (2)Are you trying to get a job long distance, or even overseas?  Long-distance job searching poses a few extra challenges but the good news is that it can be overcome very easily through online job interviews.

Online interviews are a fantastic opportunity.  You should even suggest it to hiring managers yourself if you’re having a hard time getting in front of them.  A Skype interview requires nothing but a few minutes of their time.  No interviewing expenses, scheduling issues, nothing.

Some of the great benefits of interviewing this way is that it demonstrates your knowledge of technology and it shows that you’re a go-getter with confidence.

Something to watch out for:  It’s very important to practice an online conversation with someone BEFORE the big day.  Download Skype and have a conversation with someone you know.  Talk to a friend, get comfortable with the process.  You don’t want to look at all uncomfortable or have any technical glitches during this very important meeting.

It would be great if you could also do a mock interview with someone also.  That’s an entirely different focus than just getting comfortable with webcam technology.  Mock interviews are actually very helpful at making you better at answering job interview questions.  If you don’t have someone to practice with, I can do that with you.  Go to my custom career consulting page to find out more information about how to do that.  I do mock interviews all the time with people and I can give you very fast, very direct feedback on how you’re doing and how you can become much better.

Some aspects of this are just like any other interview—like being comfortable with answering job interview questions.  But others are unique to this process.

Here are some things to watch out for in an online interview:

  • Make sure that your background is clean.  They will notice what they see behind you in the screen.  If it’s a mess, then the implication is that you’re a mess.
  • Check your lighting.  That can be done when you have your practice calls with your friends.  Ask them how you look on screen.  You might be able to adjust your lighting by adjusting the natural light or through artificial lighting like the placement of lamps or turning off the overhead light.
  • Do a sound check.  Be absolutely sure there will be no background noise to distract you or them, and you need to check before you start to make sure your microphone and speakers work.
  • Be fully dressed.  I know someone who tried to do one of these interviews with just a suit jacket and tie…and of course they saw that he had no pants on.  Dress just like you would in a regular interview.  They will be looking at you and judging you just like they would be in a regular interview situation.
  • Women, check your makeup.  You may have to adjust because you will tend to be a bit washed-out looking online.  (Find some tips on how to look good on video.)

And that’s it.  There are just a few extra concerns for an online interview, but the convenience outweighs any of the extra prep work you might need to take care of.  Plus…you have an interview!  And that’s always good news.

Get the best job interview prep tips here:  Job Interview Questions and Answers Strategy Guide



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