January 25

Monday Motivator for Your Job Search – Turn Failure into Success



Failure is success if we learn from it.

~Malcolm Forbes

If you learn something from a failure, you’re smarter, stronger, and better than you were before you began. That’s when failure becomes success.

In a job search, how can you turn failure into success?

If your resume isn’t generating interviews, don’t assume no one needs you.  Find out how to improve your resume.

If you interview but don’t get the job, don’t assume you aren’t good enough.  Find out why you didn’t interview well.  Ask the person  you interviewed with what their thoughts were.

Learn from your mistakes and use that knowledge to be better and stronger next time.

If you need some direction and help with your job search, attend one of my Free Training Webinars.  I pack my webinars with tons of information and tips for your job search success.  Find out more about our free job search webinars and register now.



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