Football Game PlanI wanted to share with you this great email I got from Mike Wenning about the Kansas City Chiefs Football Coach, Andy Reid.  It’s a fantastic illustration of the power of good, thorough, strategic job interview prep.  Thanks, Mike!

Hi Peggy:

I’m sure you’re going to find the following as coming straight out of left field but…..earlier today, I was reading an article on the Kansas City Chiefs Head Football Coach, Andy Reid which was written by Peter King of Sports Illustrated for its November 11, 2013 issue.

As you may know, Coach Reid lost his job with the Philadelphia Eagles at the end of the 2012 NFL season. One of the other teams in the league that was interested in interviewing Coach Reid for their open Head Coaching position was the Kansas City Chiefs. What caught my eye was that when the four man hiring team, led by the Chiefs owner, Clark Hunt, met with Coach Reid what thrilled them the most was the fact that between the time the Chiefs scheduled the interview and the actual meeting (less than 36 hours later) Coach Reid had already watched offensive and defensive video of every Kansas City Chiefs snap from the entire 2012 football season and had taken notes on all 1,988 plays from that season. The owner was amazed that Reid already knew the players that comprised both the offensive and defensive teams.

While what Coach Reid did was not exactly the same as your 30/60/90 Day Plan, it served to reinforce in me the importance of preparation for the interview and the positive impression the right preparation (i.e. the 30/60/90 Day Plan) can have on a prospective employer.  [emphasis mine]

Hope all is going well for you.

Mike Wenning

This just goes to show you that anyone, in any field, at any professional level, can benefit from comprehensive research and a thoughtful, strategic analysis of how to be successful in the job you want–which is what a 30-60-90-day plan is all about.

How about you?  Do you have any job interview stories you’d like to share about ‘above and beyond’ tactics or strategies that helped someone get the offer? I’d love to hear them….


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