Interview2Preparing an action plan for your job interview is the best job interview prep in the world.  It will help you speak more confidently about your ability to do the job, and demonstrate that you are someone who not only can do the job, but will do it and be very successful at it.

How do you do an action plan for your job interview?

The best way to come up with an action plan is just like with any other goal:  break it into smaller goals and figure out the steps to reach those.

An action plan can refer to any length of time you’d like–from 30 days to a year.  Most people use an action plan for the first 90 days, or a 30-60-90-Day Plan.

When you break up your plan into 30-day increments, it becomes easier to figure out what you should be doing in each section.

The first 30 days normally focuses on learning the ropes:  meeting co-workers, support teams, customers, clients; learning software and systems; and getting settled into the job.

The next 30 days (60-day section) usually finds you digging deeper, past the surface stuff.  You’re learning more details and becoming familiar with the job and the company, and you’re getting feedback on how you’ve done so far.

The last 30 days (the 90-day section) usually has you branching out on your own:  maybe you are bringing in new business, or starting a new project, or somehow putting your own stamp on the job.  This is where you’re really going to begin addressing and solving the problems the employer has (that’s why they need you in this role).

To do this well, you really need to think critically about this job and what it would take for you to be successful in it.  You must research the company to find out details like the names of training programs, software, or primary customers/competitors.  The more specific you can be with your action plan, the more impressive it will be to the hiring manager you’re interviewing with.

If you need more help in creating your own action plan, check out my 30-60-90-Day Action Plan Template with samples and coaching. Thousands of job seekers have used it in their interviews not only to get the job, but even getting job offers above what they interviewed for.

Read more about 30-60-90-Day Action Plans here.



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