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If we hire you, what will we know about you a year down the road?

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Some candidates might wander off the path they should be on with this question (as many do with “Tell me about yourself”) and start talking about how they’ll know you like football, that you make a mean cheese dip, or that you never take sick days.

Stay on track and use this question just like you do all the other ones to sell yourself for the job.  All your answers to interview questions should be strategically focused on getting you one step closer to the offer.

Always be thinking:  “How will this answer tell them something relevant about me and how I am perfect for this job?”  “How will this answer make them want me more?”  Strategically approaching the interview in this way works.

This question helps you paint a brief picture of what life would look like with you in that role.  If they can visualize it, you’re one step closer to getting the job.

It’s just like thinking about how a couch will look in your living room or how a car will look in your driveway. The more you think about whatever that is fitting into your life, the easier it is to say ‘yes’ to the sale.  In this case, it’s the job offer.  Incidentally, that’s one of the reasons 30/60/90-day plans are so fantastic.  They help that hiring manager ‘see’ you in the job.

I personally think that the very best answer to this interview question is:

“If you hire me, a year from now you’ll know that everything I’ve said to you in this interview is true.”

Want to elaborate a bit on that?  Say:

“You’ll know and understand why everyone in the past has enjoyed and appreciated my work and would like to have me work for them again.”

(References are an amazingly effective resource for you and you should always make sure yours are prepared for a phone call about this opportunity.)


“You’ll know that I’m sincere when I say that I’m excited about learning more about this job and this company, and thriving and contributing and producing and wanting to do more and help you guys with [insert job responsibility here].”

Or (if you want something more specific),

“You’ll know that my skills in X, Y, and Z were a perfect fit for this position based on the results I got from  _____  / the solution I came up with for _____.”

This question is really just another version of “Why should we hire you?”  You want them to know that you’re going to meet, and even exceed their expectations of you.


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