30 60 90 day plan for teaching job interviewI often get asked if 30-60-90-Day Plans work for teachers in a job interview. These plans are famous for sales job interviews and are being used with extreme success in other white-collar jobs and executive roles. They show hiring managers that you are someone who approaches a task or job with strategic planning and smart goal-setting. You are someone who will be successful in the role.

So can this same approach work if you are interviewing to be a teacher? I have to say that they do (I think they help you even more if you are in educational administration). What administrator wouldn’t be impressed with someone who had clearly thought out how they would approach that role and ensure their success in the first 3 months on the job?

Think about it this way. You set up lesson plans for your students so you make sure that what needs to happen will happen, right? Well, you also need to create a plan to make sure you do all the things that will make you a successful professional in your role.

So now here’s the question:

What kinds of things belong in a 30 60 90 Day Plan for teachers?

First 30 Days

In a business environment, the first 30 days are often when you would learn corporate systems and get to know everyone, in your area and supporting departments. In a teaching role, this might translate into orientation plans and getting to know other teachers in your department or getting to know other teachers you may be working with. You may be setting up your class website or setting goals for the semester.

Second 30 Days (60-day section)

In business or sales, you would be digging deeper here—refining plans and reaching out further for information and networking. In teaching, you might be participating in decision-based committees or volunteering to sponsor a school club. You will want to be meeting with a mentor.

Last 30 Days (90-day section)

By this time in business roles, you would be firmly on your own, going after new business or starting your own initiatives. As a teacher, you may want to outline how you will continue your own education, sign up for required training hours, or turning in logbooks and evaluations.

Whatever you choose to include in your plan, your goal is to demonstrate to the school administration that you understand and will do what it takes to be successful so that your students are successful.

This interview is like any other job interview in that you need to sell yourself for the job. Use your plan and good job interview strategies (such as closing) to give yourself a big edge over other candidates so you can get the offer.30-60-90-day action plan template for job interviews

You can create a plan yourself, but I recommend the Career Confidential 30-60-90-Day Action Plan that comes with a 30-60-90-day plan template, sample plans, and coaching to help you talk about your plan effectively in the interview. I even show you how to nudge them toward making you the offer.  Once you’ve completed your plan, I will review it for you to make sure it will help you get the teaching job you want.

Get the 30-60-90-Day Action Plan for your job interview today.



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