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30 60 90 Day Plan for Management Level JobsYou’ve got the education, the experience, and the skills. How are you going to give yourself a boost over all the other candidates with the education, the experience, and the skills?

When I coach job seekers, I send every one of them into interviews with a 30-60-90-day plan because it’s the best tool available for helping those candidates stand out from the competition. It’s exponentially more important that management-level candidates come to the interview with a high-level plan for how they’re going to attack the job and the problems that need to be solved.

This goes above and beyond the technical and industry expertise employers rightly expect to see in managers—that’s a given.

What a 30-60-90-day plan does is showcase that experience in a “this is how it will look when I’m on the job” and “this is how I’m going to begin solving your problems and making you money” kind of way.

A well-thought-out plan highlights the “it” factor for employers. It shows them you know your stuff, AND you think strategically and know what it takes to get to a goal.

How you put together your plan will vary by whatever industry or career area you’re in, but all jobs will have a basic structure you’ll follow when you start:

(1) an initial period of learning the specifics of the company—systems, procedures, getting to know your team—that’s the first 30 days;

(2) a secondary period of getting your feet wet—getting more in-depth, evaluating changes you’ll be making; and

(3) a “ready to run” period of implementing changes, initiating action plans, etc.

Customize your plan with the research you do on the company and its position in the industry, since these plans are even more impressive the more you tailor it to the job. Use Google, LinkedIn, and your recruiter to start finding essential information for your plan. You might even consider doing a SWOT analysis to help you.

When you come to your interview with a top-notch resume, a brag book that takes a historical look at what you’ve been able to accomplish in the past, and a strategic action plan for success in the future at this job, you’ll be on your way to a job offer in no time.

Learn more about creating a plan on your own here.

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