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You got the offer...should you take the job?

should i take the jobYou may have done a lot of work to get the job offer, but should you take it? Maybe...maybe not.

I think you should try to get as many offers as you can, because that gives you options and leverage. Also, sometimes you'll get a job offer for a higher-level job than the one you interviewed for (this has happened when job seekers bring a 30-60-90-day plan).

However, not every job offer is one you should take. Turning down a job offer can be a difficult thing to do, because you may have a fear of uncertainty about when you'll get another offer--but making the wrong choice can be disastrous.


Job Search? Never Give Up!

Job Search Motivation InspirationRebecca had been laid off from her job and came to Career Confidential for help. What she learned boosted her confidence (not just in her job search, but in her career life) and got her a better job than what she had before:

Hi Peggy,

I wanted to say thank you for the help you have provided me.  I must say that the one thing I learned from you is never give up, have confidence and always be selling.  It had even helped me in my day to day work.  It is well worth the price of subscription to your service.

I have successfully secured a position in a company of my dreams, now after six months on the job, I had a pay increase of 15%, now putting me back to the same level I was earning before the last layoff.  I am at a better job, with great bosses and good work life balance.  Thank you.



If you're in a rough spot with a layoff or tough job search, don't give up. All you need are the right job search skills and confidence in yourself. We have tons of resources to help you, too--with confidence, skills, and getting the job you want.

I love receiving emails like this one from Rebecca (Congratulations Rebecca!). Please let me know about your successes in your job search, too. Comment here or email me at

Best of luck!

Now Is the Time to Build Your Network

now is the time to build your networkNetworking is so critical to job search and career success that it’s pretty much ALWAYS time to build your network.

However, now really is a strategic time to pay deliberate attention to cultivating the relationships you have and developing new ones. Why?

For one thing, companies are hiring now—we’re seeing a lot going on with our coaching clients and customers. Even the ones who may be putting their hiring on hold right now may hire in December (actually a great time to job search) and after the New Year.

Reaching out to your network may result in you getting a job now, or it may set you up to be in the right place at the right time in a couple of months. It’s an ideal way to crack the hidden job market.

How do you build or strengthen your network?


How to Slow Your Job Search Down to a Crawl

job search tipsCompanies are hiring--are you getting interviews? If not, you may be doing one of these things that will slow your job search down to a crawl:

1) Have a Boring Resume

You do not need a resume on pink paper or with fancy fonts or graphs...but you DO need a resume that markets you, with bullet points and quantification.

If your resume is full of paragraphs with no numbers in sight except for the dates of your employment, then it needs a little spiffing up. Break up your accomplishments into bullet points and quantify them. Add numbers, dollars, and percentages that describe what you did to make something better in your last role.

A lot of people get bogged down in this, thinking they have no way to quantify if they weren't in sales...but everyone can quantify. Nurses can talk about how many patients they saw. Teachers can talk about how many students they had and what percentage passed the state test. Accountants can mention what budgets or dollar amounts they managed. Everyone has something measurable they can talk about.

Read more about how to quantify a resume here.

2) Use a ‘Form’ Cover Letter


Resume Mistakes: 5 Things Never to Include on Your Resume

resume mistakesYour resume is the foundation of your job search. If you don’t get it right, you won’t move forward—but it is all too easy to make a mistake with this critical document.

What should you never include on your resume?

Mistake #1 - A 3rd Page (or 4th page)

This can be a big issue if you have 20+ years of experience. Naturally, you want to show how much you know, how much experience you have, and how valuable you are.

However, hiring managers (employers) don’t like seeing extra-long resumes. They only take a few seconds to glance over a resume anyway, and they want to take it in quickly. If you’ve given them too many pages, chances are they won’t look at them.

Here’s the rule: No resume should be more than 2 pages unless you have publications or (possibly) if you are at the C-level in your career (CEO, CFO, COO, etc.).

If you do have 20+ years of experience, you have an advantage here, because you can edit your resume to show the most impressive accomplishments of your career. You’ll have 2 pages of ‘wow.’


'30-60-90-Day Plan Got Me the Offer'

30 60 90 day plan got the job offerWe just received this email from Jane. I wanted to share it with you because it goes to show that the most talented and qualified of us can have a lot of trouble landing a new job simply because of how we present ourselves to employers.

Jane had been downsized, was living in an unfamiliar city and 63 years old. She made it to final interviews 6 times and lost every one, which killed her confidence--until she got our 30-60-90-Day Plan and landed a job within 2 weeks:

I love your program & assistance! After getting your 30-60-90 plan 2 weeks ago & listening to several of your webcasts, I spent Labor Day weekend preparing for my 3rd interview with the same employer. I had to do a video conference on 9/7. I emailed the 30-60-90 plan following my interview with a thank you note.

I have been job hunting for almost a year now, after a traumatic downsizing, from my employer of 10 yrs. They transferred me across country 3 yrs ago, with promotion. I worked 60 hour weeks & was on call 24/7. I am 63 & was facing a lot of age discrimination as well as not having a professional network in my new city.

Getting thru to HR, computer screenings etc & multiple interviews, I made it to the finals on 6+ occasions, only to be excluded. It was a nightmare & very humbling as well as depressing!

I am happy to tell you that 3 hours after my video interview with the hiring managers, I received a call & awesome job offer!! Thank you for all your help & knowledge!!!!

Best regards, Jane

Congratulations Jane!

Simply changing how she presented herself to employers with a little training and a 30 60 90 day plan made all the difference, as it has for thousands of people. I can't recommend it enough to anyone interviewing for a job today.

Find out more about 30-60-90-day plans and prepare your plan for your next interview.

Best of luck!


Zanetta Siciliano - Job Search & Interview Coaching

Zanetta Siciliano Job Search Interview Coaching

Zanetta Siciliano - Career Coach, IT Recruiter, Sales & Marketing Expert

Coaching can make the difference between you getting a so-so offer (or even a job offer at all) and a fantastic offer. It's a fast, easy, customized solution for one of the most difficult, complicated, life-changing events in our lives. See more about how coaching can help you and find out more about Zanetta below.

Zanetta Siciliano Job Search and Interview Coaching

We'll give you a comprehensive strategy for your resume, interviews and salary negotiations. Get the promotion, enter a new field or more. (Can be broken up into segments.) Best Deal - Get 3 Hours for the Price of 2!


Zanetta Siciliano Job Search and Interview Coaching

We'll help you find more opportunities, get you prepped for the best interview of your life, and more!

Buy 1 hour of Coaching (Can be broken up into segments.)


Zanetta Siciliano Job Search and Interview CoachingWe'll improve your Resume or LinkedIn profile, prep you for a Phone Interview, craft a great explanation for a complicated situation, or more.

Buy 1/2 hour of Coaching (Can be recorded for you to listen to later.)

How Career Coaching Helps You

Career Coaching cuts through generic job search advice to laser-focus on what YOU need.  It's a super-fast, personalized solution for some of the most demanding, high-stakes tasks we face in our career lives:  job hunting and interviews. With career coaching, you can pinpoint whatever may be holding you back and find the right solution for it fast.

  • Create a resume that sells you to employers (specific recommendations for YOU)
  • Know what to say to employers to show your value, based on your background and personality
  • Refine your interview performance so you consistently get offers
  • Discover personalized strategies for contacting employers in YOUR space
  • Craft a great explanation for that awkward situation (job loss/employment gap/etc.)
  • Find solutions that specifically fit your personality and style
  • Target your approach to go after your dream job

With expert advice tailor-made for you, you gain inspiration and encouragement to tackle your job search with confidence.


Zanetta's Background

As VP of Sales and Marketing at Career Confidential, Zanetta Siciliano has a valuable blend of experiences that make her a powerful ally for your job search.  Her 15+ years in IT recruiting, 5 years in medical recruiting and 3 years in executive recruiting give her sharp insights into what hiring managers really look for in a candidate they will hire.  Her 18 years in sales and marketing greatly benefits job seekers who must sell themselves for the job.

Every day, she guides job seekers through cutting-edge resume writing, interview prep, job search methods, and social media skills (she's a social media wiz).


How a Career Coaching Call with Zanetta Works

All coaching will be done by phone or Skype. You can buy coaching time in several options: 30-minute increments, 1 hour spots, or 2 hours (when you buy 2, you get 1 hour free)--as much or as little as you need.

Once you purchase the time, you can use it as you see fit--all at once, or in increments over several weeks (whatever works for you).  Your phone calls can be recorded (let Zanetta know) and the audio sent to you--this is amazingly helpful when you're covering a lot of information you don't want to miss.


Supercharge Your Job Search in as Little as 30 Minutes

If you are struggling in any area of your job search, personalized coaching can make all the difference in the world.  As little as 30 minutes can supercharge your job search and transform it into an exciting, rewarding experience.  If you need more time, you can discuss it with Zanetta--the decision is yours.  Once you try it, you will agree that it's the best job search decision you've ever made.


Get Started Now - Click on the option that works best for you.

Zanetta Siciliano Job Search and Interview Coaching

Best Deal - Get 3 Hours for the Price of 2!

  • Comprehensive Strategy
  • Resume Improvements
  • Interview Prep
  • Salary Negotiations
  • Getting the Promotion
  • Enter a New Field
  • Can Break the Time into Smaller Sessions and/or Record the Sessions for Your Convenience

Zanetta Siciliano Job Search and Interview Coaching

Buy 1 hour of Coaching

  • Find More Job Opportunities
  • Prep for the Best Interview of Your Life
  • Give You the Solution for What May Be Holding You Back
  • Can Break Up the Sessions Into Smaller Time Frames and/or Record the Calls for Your Convenience


Zanetta Siciliano Job Search and Interview CoachingBuy 1/2 hour of Coaching

  • Transform Your Resume Into a Marketing Document for You
  • Boost Your LinkedIn Profile for Better Networking and Getting Contacted About Jobs
  • Prep You to Ace Your Phone Interview
  • Craft a Great Explanation for a Complicated Situation
  • Session Can Be Recorded for Your Convenience (optional)

See more information and what others have to say here.

Invest in yourself with career coaching and boost your success immediately!


He thought I was nuts until he got a $20,000 raise...

job search success tipsI LOVE to get notes like this...

This actually happens a lot--I recommend to a job seeker that he or she take some action, and they balk, because it's maybe a little different than what they're used to, or more aggressive than what they're comfortable with.

Garrett was paying consultants who were giving him conflicting advice, and still not getting a job (for 7 months). He came to one of my free online workshops and thought my advice was 'nuts.' Then he decided what he had been doing for months wasn't working, so it was time to take a chance with me.

With my advice and tools, he got an 'amazing' job with a $20,000 salary increase. Congratulations Garrett!!

He estimates that if he'd contacted me when he was first unemployed, he would have an EXTRA $40,000 in his bank account right now (with his savings still intact).

The takeaway here? Don't wait to get the job search or interview help you need, and make sure you're getting that help from someone who is proven. (To date, Career Confidential has helped more than 22,000 people in 90 countries get hired--see some of our success stories.)

Hi Peggy,

I wanted to send you a little note to thank you for all of your help and assistance on my job search.

After six months of sending out resumes and basically harassing my network of contacts I decided to use your services after watching one of your webcasts. I had spoken with multiple “career consultants” before seeing your webcast and all of them would make recommendations that went against what the others said. I was very skeptical of your services as I believed it would be a similar experience and after watching and participating on a few webcasts I thought you were just interested in selling your services but decided I needed to try something new so I was not doing the same thing over and over and over month after month after month.

I thought you were out of your mind with the recommendation to make the email the actual cover letter. I thought you were completely nuts when you recommended I change formatting on my resume to a bullet format. However, I followed your recommendations and what a difference it has made for me.

I received an amazing public relations job offer for a great company and best of all . . . I negotiated a salary increase of $20,000 a year to the top of the range the hiring manager was comfortable with. Had I reached out to you when I first lost my job, I would have made more than $40,000 over the last seven months instead of spending all of my savings and depleting most of my financial assets.

Thank you very much for your help, valuable advice and insights into the hiring process. Your systems and services truly work and are absolutely worth the investment. I start my new job this Thursday – X/X/2016 and can’t wait to get back into the workforce.

Best regards,

Are you ready to see results like Garrett?

Come sharpen your skills and pick up some practical tips at one of my Free Job Search Webinars.

Transform your resume with my Extreme Resume Makeover Kit.

Learn to negotiate a better salary package.

Best of luck!


Use These Five Important Tips for your Job Search on LinkedIn

Use These Five Important Tips for your Job Search on LinkedInThere are a plethora of jobs to be found on LinkedIn. Once you have an optimized LinkedIn profile, you can start using the platform to find employment opportunities; however, how to optimize your LinkedIn profile is a whole different article. Most job seekers just check the Job Board on LinkedIn. After browsing the board, they spam some resumes and call it a day.

This method rarely works. LinkedIn is a social media site created with business networking in mind. There’s no networking in spamming resumes to job postings. Luckily, there are a number of different ways to find work using the platform with the help of your Linkedin profile writing service. Here are a few ideas for finding more great job opportunities on LinkedIn.


Over 50 in the Job Search? Aggressiveness Pays Off

job search over 50Are you over 50 and in the job search? Plan on being more aggressive than you may have ever had to be before. You are fighting some biases and pushing past some obstacles, but it can be done.

Tom got 4 interviews and 2 job offers even though he was over 50 and hadn't interviewed in 20 years. Because he interviewed so well, the company elevated the position and the pay.  (Goes to show that even if you're not entirely sure about the job, interview for it anyway and bring your A game--you never know what will happen!)

Hi Peggy,

I've been involved in some of your webinar presentations and purchased the 30-60-90 day plan (I thought it to be genius!).  I just turned 50 & was 20 years at previous employer then took a few years off to recoup, educate & focus - several items to work through when seeking a new employer.

After your materials I became more aggressive & focused in job search - found five opportunities of interest, interviewed live after a phone interview for four and was offered two - the position of most interest initially paid less but they elevated the position and increased the pay.  I had another final interview scheduled but declined based upon this new opportunity fitting so well into my life.

Your materials and information are "point-on" and a huge benefit to anyone in the job market especially those over 40!

Thank you for your information & I have shared your contact with about anyone I know looking for a next position.  I am sure this new position is not my last and I look forward to learning, refining skills and going onto the next.... with your material assistance!

Thank You!

Tom K.

(Tom, congratulations on your job, and I love that you thought the 30-60-90-day plan was genius! I agree!)

What I hope you take from this is that it doesn't matter that you're a little can be just as successful as ever, but you're going to have to turn up the heat and be more aggressive.

If you'd like more information about what being more aggressive in your job search really looks like, please attend one of my Free Job Search and Interview Training Webinars that I hold for job seekers every week.

Topics vary weekly--please check our Free Training Webinars Page for what's available now.

Can't wait to see you there!

Best of luck.


Job Search Game Changer: 5 Simple Tips to Beat Age Discrimination

5 simple tips to beat age discrimination in your job searchIf you're over 50 (or even over 40) and experiencing a difficult job search, I strongly recommend that you come to my free training webinar, 5 Simple Tips to Beat Age Discrimination in Your Job Search.

I know what you're fighting and can show you what you need to do with your resume, interviews, and job search that will change the game for you and make you more successful than you can maybe even imagine right now.

See what it can do for you:


...I would like to inform you with pleasure that after 8 months of trying I finally got a job...I am 57 and needless to say the challenges are enormous and I had to face a lot of discrimination due to age. (By the way, in this part of the world, there is no legal recourse available.)

However I followed all the tips and guidance I received from you --right from creating a killer CV, sharpening up my LinkedIn profile and crushing the interview with the 30/60/90 day plan!!

Peggy, I am so thankful to you for the tools you exposed me to --without which I would not have succeeded.

I did all the things that you suggested in the webinar for "job hunters over 50" and it was really a game changer.

I am not good at writing endorsements but you can use this in any manner you like --once again I thank you very much and I am going to recommend to all my job seeker friends that they listen to you and only you to achieve accelerated success in their job hunt.


N Radhakrishnan

I invite you to attend 5 Simple Tips to Beat Age Discrimination in Your Job Search. It is packed with practical tips that will help you get the job you want (and I give you some free gifts, too!).

Best of luck!


How to Get a Job in 6 Weeks Webinar Review

how to get a jobEvery two weeks, I hold a training on 'How to Get a Job in 6 Weeks--Guaranteed.' In that training, I help job seekers with new ways to approach the job search, their resumes, and interviews.

If you've thought about attending but weren't sure, please see what Debra achieved as a result of that training (a job offer the day after the interview!):

About 2-3 weeks ago I signed up for your webinar "How to get a job in 6 weeks" and ...I want to thank you...

I applied for a job on the 18th (about 2 weeks after I heard your webinar).  I had to submit it online and also attach my resume but I researched who my supervisor would be and addressed it to her. I was called in for an interview this past Tuesday.  I only had 1 day to prepare but I used your advice and prepared  a 30-60-90 day plan. I presented it to them and they were blown away about the plan, my initiative in putting the plan together and immediately said that just put me above the other candidates. A day later I got the call and was offered the job.

I just wanted to say thank you for all that you do. I'm excited about this new opportunity. I had applied for about 14 jobs several months ago with not even one call back/interview.

This was my first job I applied for after listening to your system and buying the program. It was a great investment!

Thank you again,

Debra C.

Taking the time to get some training for your job search is an investment in yourself just like your formal education was--only this one is free!

I encourage you to sign up for the next How to Get a Job in 6 Weeks training. You'll get free gifts along with some outstanding advice you can put into practice immediately.

Check out the schedule here: Career Confidential Training Webinars


Monday Motivator for Your Job Search - It Only Seems Impossible

Job Search Motivation

If you are discouraged with your job search today, I want to encourage you to keep going. Job searching can be frustrating. There's a lot of rejection built into the process. If you are rejected for an opportunity, learn what you can from it and put it behind you. Believe that you will get a job.

I do want to say that if something happens several times -- for instance, you are consistently sending your resume but aren't getting interviews, or you consistently get interviews but not job offers -- then what you need to learn from this is that it's time to make some changes.

The #1 resume improvement almost everyone can make is adding quantification, or describing your accomplishments in terms of numbers, dollars, and percentages. Get more information here: Write a Resume That POPS: Redo it with Numbers That Quantify Your Experience.

We do offer a perfect resume template plus coaching and review - Extreme Resume Makeover Kit. You are welcome to check that out.

If you are getting interviews but not job offers, you may need to practice better answers to interview questions or create a 30 60 90 day plan. (In my opinion, everyone has a stronger interview with a 30 60 90 day plan.)

Also, consider investing in yourself through personalized coaching. This is the fastest, most efficient and effective way to get you where you need to be in your search. Find out more about coaching with Peggy McKee or Zanetta Siciliano.


Monday Motivator for Your Job Search – Outwork Them

If you can’t outplay them,
outwork them

~ Ben Hogan


Are you at a disadvantage in your job search? Maybe you're a little older. Maybe you don't have the connections that someone else has to draw on and network your way to interviews. Maybe you don't have the experience that someone else does. Maybe you were laid off from your last job, or you have a big gap in your employment.

All of the things I counsel job seekers on all the time--

...these are all things that will help you outwork the competition and win the job, no matter what disadvantage you are playing the game with. It does take a little more work on your part to do these things, but this is how you will get the job you want.

The good news is...anyone can do these things. It doesn't matter what your past is or what your situation is. These strategies work for people in all kinds of circumstances, in all kinds of fields, around the world.

Every week I teach job seekers about these strategies in my free training webinars. See what topics we're covering this week and sign up to attend. You will come away inspired, with solid tips that will give you the edge you need in your job search.


Monday Motivator for Your Job Search – Eat Problems for Breakfast

Expect problems
and eat them for breakfast.

~ Alfred A. Montapert


It's true that job searches can be difficult--they're filled with uncertainty and rejection. It doesn't say anything about you personally. It just is what it is. Know those problems are coming and attack your job search with power and positivity! Be proactive.

As you go, it will help you to keep your focus on positive things. Check out my blog series on how to stop negative thinking and stay positive in your job search.

Know what the biggest issues are for job seekers and proactively attack them. What do you need?

Not sure what you need? Call my office Toll Free at 800-691-2562 or, if you're out of the US, 972-382-3139. We would love to help you get the job offer you want.