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Motivation Quotes for Your Success [New App]

Motivation-AppWe've launched an awesome new app:  Motivation Quotes for Your Success

This is a perfect app to help you stay motivated in your job search, but it will also take you beyond the job hunt.  It has quotes to motivate and inspire you in everything you do for an entire year.

Here's the description:

Motivation Quotes for Your Success (for Android) is your source for beautiful quotes from leaders who will inspire you to greatness. This app offers 365 different inspirational quotes – one for each day of the year!

Get inspired with positive motivation for your success every day!


‘I got the offer for my dream job–with a 35% salary increase!’

Happy-FaceHere's a testimonial about the power of webinars.  At Career Confidential, we host several job search webinars each week that are designed to give you the skills that can transform your job search into something amazing for you (like they did for Christopher, a software sales rep).

I encourage you to sign up for one or more of our Free Training Webinars today.

Dear Peggy,

I'd like to start by quoting one of your other clients by stating that: " were a guiding light in my darkest hour."

8 months ago I experienced an extremely tough layoff and career transition. After floundering for five months on what direction to take with my career I was fortunate to have seen a post for one of your webinars in a LinkedIn Group.

A lifelong sales and marketing professional, I still benefited immeasurably (and measurably) from your down to earth kick in the pants.

Your coaching got me into action and I am happy to report that last week I received the most lucrative job offer of my career and the type of role I once only dreamed of attaining. The new role provides me a 35% increase in base salary, and OTE 2-3x of my previous plan.

I'm also returning to an industry better aligned with my skills and interests and working with a great group of professionals I believe I can thrive with.

It really is a story book ending to a very challenging midlife transition.

Please accept my heartfelt appreciation for the tremendous resource you have been to me over the last several months.


Christopher C.



When Is Imperfection Preferable?

Imperfection-Erin KThere are some areas of life where perfection is not what you want. Friendships don’t need perfection to be good, right? In fact, the people who pretend to be perfect rarely have a lot of friends because perfectionists keep others at arm’s length so the world doesn’t find out they aren’t perfect, after all.

Relationships are stable because we give each other room to fail and correct our mistakes. We don’t need to be perfect in order to be loved or liked. We do need to be able to admit when we are wrong and be willing to fix it.

Some Things Must Be Perfect

As endearing as a mistake can be in a friend, there are times you don’t get a do-over.

Resumes are a perfect example of this, because there isn’t a relationship established yet. Spelling errors aren’t going to get you much more than a ribbing from your grammar-Nazi friend, but that same error will get your resume cast aside by the HR person assigned to fill the position. The HR person is going on a quick first impression based on your resume, but your friend is looking at your mistakes in context of your friendship.


Monday Motivator for Your Job Search – Be the Master of Your Fate

FlowerWe are still masters of our fate.
We are still captains of our souls. 

- Winston Churchill


A job search can be a scary time.  There's uncertainty, rejection, and lots of situations that can be uncomfortable.  But I want you to remember that you are the master of your fate.  You control what happens to you, and you can control the outcome of this job search.

The best way to control it is to be aggressive.  Contact hundreds of hiring managers.  Tell the ones who answer back why you'd be a catch for them.  Get multiple interviews.  In each one, find out what they specifically need and sell yourself for that job with a 30-60-90-day plan.  If you go all out like that, bringing your A game every time, chances are very good that you'll have multiple job offers.  Then you have the power.  You're the captain who directs what happens to your life.

If any of these actions are holding you back because you're not sure how to do them, get help:

1. Read Career Confidential blog articles on finding more jobs, getting interviews, and 30-60-90-day plans.

2. Attend a Career Confidential free job search webinar.  These trainings will motivate you as well as build your skills.

3. Utilize a Career Confidential tool:

4. Book a Career Coaching session for customized motivation and assistance.


‘I Wasted Too Much Time On Job Boards’

Waste TimeI love this note from Tony (in sales) who began his job search doing what a lot of folks do--checking out job boards (such as Monster, SimplyHired, etc.).  After months of frustration, he realized it wasn't working and found another approach that ended with him getting a call after only 3 days.

This is definitely a case of "work smarter, not harder," and it's a big, hopeful lesson for all those who are frustrated in your job search.  It may very well be that you only need a new approach.  See how Tony did it:

Hi Peggy,

A quick note to thank you for the terrific service that your company provides for those people who are actively seeking new employment opportunities.

In my case my job was made redundant back in Dec 20XX and resulted in me spending many months doing the usual job board search and becoming more and more frustrated to the point where I realized that this approach was simply not working for me. Can’t remember how I came across your site but sure glad I did, as once I became a member and worked through the videos and training material I realized how much I still had to learn about how I could be much more effective in my job search!

In my case, I got stuck into increasing my networking hit rate by leveraging Linked In and reaching out to prospective employers and hiring managers across a broad range of industries. I invested around three days of my time contacting around 80 people. In short, after my first Linked In networking campaign I received a call out of the blue from a Software company director and have now landed a very interesting job which I am very much looking forward to and starting next week.

What really blew me away was the look on the faces of the CEO and Sales Manager that hired me at the end of my first round interview especially after I presented my 30/60/90 day plan for success. I knew at that moment that the job was mine and as an added bonus I also knew I was the only one in the running for the role – how good is that! Needless to say that I wish I had come across your site much earlier in my job search.

My summation of my experience with Career Confidential:

  • Professional approach.
  • Excellent communication, follow up advice and coaching.
  • Excellent support.
  • Excellent material.
  • Very effective webinars, allowing two way communication.
  • Highly recommend - It worked for me!!

Please also pass on my thanks to your team.


Tony D.

Tony, thank you for your kind words.  (I love getting this kind of feedback!) I am so happy we could help you.

The tools Tony talks about are these:

If you are frustrated by a long job search, I encourage you to change your approach like Tony did.  Do what gets results.


Amazon Interview Tips

You can find a ton of tips and information for how to interview well on Amazon (without a big cash outlay).


Check out this bundled set of ebooks from Career Confidential that includes a ton of powerful, proven tips for interview success:

If my nephew or aunt or sister or father were looking for a job and preparing to interview, this is the bundle I would insist they read.  It will do great things for you in your next interview.

Get the Amazon Interview Tips bundle today.

Also check out my other ebooks for your resume, LinkedIn profile, interview follow up, salary negotiations and more on my  page here:  Peggy McKee Amazon ebooks.


Peggy McKee Says, ‘Skip HR In Your Job Search’

Peggy McKee

Peggy McKee

If you are a job seeker who wants to get interviews, your best bet is to skip HR (Human Resources) and their online applications. Most job seekers spend hours filling out those endless forms, and they never hear anything back.  That is not what you want.  You want an interview. How do you get it?  You contact the hiring manager (your future boss, who is also the person who would interview you).

Most job seekers, when they hear this, stop me right there and say, "What if they say, 'Don't call the company'? What if I annoy them by not following the rules?"

Here's what I say to that:


Monday Motivator for Your Job Search – The Key To Success

FlowerThe key to success is
to focus our conscious minds
on things we desire,
not things we fear. 

- Brian Tracy


When you're in a job search, it's all too easy to focus on things you fear:  making a mistake and getting rejected.  It makes sense...job searching is naturally filled with rejection.  Not every job you go after is going to be "The One."

The problem is that focusing on the rejection only holds you back.  You're not as confident and you're not as enthusiastic, which means that you don't go after opportunities that you should--because you're afraid. And not going after an opportunity is a guarantee that you won't get it.

I once had my office in a very busy part of town.  Most businesses on my street (including mine) had a sign on the door that said "No Soliciting."  However, every week I bought something from someone who walked past the sign and went for a sale anyway.  Not everyone who walked past the sign made a sale--but some did.  And the people who never walked past it never did.

So...focus on what you want, not on what you fear.  This positive focus will push you past obstacles in your way and get you the success you deserve.

If you're having trouble maintaining your positive focus, get help:

Attend a Career Confidential free job search webinar.  These trainings will motivate you as well as build your skills.

Utilize a Career Confidential tool to get you past your fear, such as:

Book a Career Coaching session for customized motivation and assistance.


90-Day Plan Works For High-Tech Executive Level Job Interview

canstockphoto10583932(1)Connie lost her Director-level job in the high-tech industry and is looking for another executive-level position.  These positions are high-risk positions to fill for any company (lots of money and power involved--repercussions from decisions made by this person can last a long time). Check out Connie's story about how she used the promise of a 90 to 180-Day Plan to make a nervous, unsure hiring manager excited to interview her, and much more open to the idea of hiring her:

Hi Peggy,

I've been using all of your tools since I lost my job 4 weeks ago. I found you by following a link on LinkedIn; your program looked like exactly what I needed to launch my search.

By way of context, I'm in the high tech industry, specifically in outsourcing. My last position was at the director level but the company was relatively small, an EMS company with about $60M USD in revenue. It was a mistake going there in the first place as I am much better suited to large global companies. I'm armed with an MBA in International business, several languages, and 20 years of experience in strategic sourcing.

One of my LinkedIn connections knows the hiring manager at a large global OEM struggling to rationalize outsourcing across 60 countries; they need someone with my exact skill set including fluency in German. Imagine that!

The hiring manager, VP Operations, called me today (bypassing HR:). Luckily he was already pre-sold on me and had obtained executive approval to create a position in Global Sourcing. We spoke for a few minutes but it was clear that he was not sure exactly what he is looking for. He was only able to outline the little he knows about the challenge. He's new to his position as well and sounded nervous about the high visibility "my" position would have (big risk). And he was unsure how to proceed. He said "I guess we should meet so you can take me through your resume, what do you think?"

SO...I said "How about this; sure I'll take you through my background so you can see how I've been successful in similar roles in the past. Then, why don't I show you a brief powerpoint presentation outlining how I will approach this position in the first 3-6 months so that you see my thought process and what you can expect?" His response was "Are you serious? Wow, that would be fantastic! Is it ok with you if I invite a few other executives?"

I will let you know how this works out! I'm so excited and very very glad I followed all aspects of your program.

Best regards,

Connie G.

See this 90-Day Plan with Template and Coaching

If you are in an executive job search, please get your copy of my complementary guide, 10 Steps to Executive Job Search Success.



What Could Keep You From Getting the Job? [Video]

Are you in a job search?  There's something big that may keep you from getting the job.  The good news is that it's also something that's an easy (but absolutely necessary) fix.

Watch the video (click on it) below to see what it is.


If you need clarification or more help:

Come to a Career Confidential Free Training Webinar

Contact me to set up a Coaching Session for individualized solutions


The Best Job Search Advice in Only 4 Words

canstockphoto2680540If I absolutely HAD to boil down to the bare essentials the best job search advice for anyone, it would be this:

Be a Squeaky Wheel


Why be a squeaky wheel?  Have you ever heard, "The squeaky wheel gets the grease"?  It means that if the wheel on your car or your bike or your shopping cart is rolling along making no noise, drawing no attention to itself, you won't think about it at all.  If, however, there's a wheel that squeaks every time it rolls around, you'll pay attention to it.  If you're handy, you'll give it some grease to smooth its circular path.

How does this apply to your job search? A squeaky wheel is noticed.  It draws attention.  It causes action.  It causes a response.  A silent wheel won't ever draw any attention to itself at all.

So, follow the analogy and break it down:


Monday Motivator for Your Job Search – Achieve Your Goals in 2015

FlowerFailures do what is tension-relieving,
while winners do what is goal-achieving.
- Dennis Waitley

(as quoted in Brian Tracy's book, Eat That Frog)

I love Brian Tracy (if you've never read one of Brian Tracy's books, get one and read it today) and I love Dennis Waitley for this quote.

Job searching is hard--no one will argue with that.  The problem is that it can be all too easy to relieve the tension of the job search by stepping away from it (watching TV, going out with your friends, or surfing the web all day--even if you are "looking for jobs").

To win in the job search, you have to do those things that will get you to your goal.  Stop fiddling with an already great resume and send it.  Stop surfing and anonymously applying for jobs and find a hiring manager (your potential future boss) to contact directly.  Stop worrying about letting others know you're out of work and contact everyone you've ever met to let them know what job you're looking for. These things are goal-achieving.

If you have some stumbling block keeping you from goal achieving, or if you're already trying these things but not seeing results, get help.

Attend a relevant Career Confidential free job search webinar.

Use a relevant Career Confidential tool, like our Extreme Resume Makeover Kit, our Hidden Jobs Finder, or our 30-60-90-Day Plan for your interview.

Utilize my Career Coaching to help you find the words to explain a difficult situation, or overcome a unique problem.

Whatever it may be that's holding you back, let's eliminate that obstacle for you so you can be a goal-achieving winner.


‘Resume Makeover Got Me 4 Interviews in a Week!’

Resume (2) - CopyThis is a great illustration of the power of a resume redo.

Tammy didn't change anything but her resume, and she got 4 interviews in a week--after looking for a job for over a year with no luck.



... I [had] been looking for a job for over a year. I completed your extreme resume makeover and within the first week was called to interview at a company for four different positions. My interviews are next week and I have completed my 30-60-90 day plan and will be watching your In Person Interview video before my interviews. Thank you for putting together such a valuable program...

Thank you,

Tammy D.


Here is the Extreme Resume Makeover Kit that Tammy used:










Here is the 30-60-90-Day Plan for your interview:









And here is the Interviewing Video:








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