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Is It Your Age, or Is It Your Resume?

Account manager resume. Blue tint.Job seekers over 50 (and over 40) can run into real trouble getting job interviews. Before you assume it's age holding you back, make a few improvements to your resume.

With the right resume know-how, your age and experience will be a huge positive for you in the job search.

Try these tips below to redo your resume, then download my free Guide to Getting a Job Over 50 (pdf).

  • Keep Your Resume to 2 Pages or Less

One of the hardest things for older job seekers to do is edit your work history, but you absolutely must.  No resume should be longer than 2 pages, unless you are at the C-level.  A too-long resume says (1) "I don't know how to tailor my resume to highlight what's important for this job" and (2) "I am at least over 40 and probably over 50, which you can see from my long list of jobs."  The good news is that you have a wealth of experience to create a true marketing document for yourself.  That leaves you with no resume fluff--only impressive, attention-getting accomplishments tailored for each job you apply for.

Experience doesn't matter nearly as much as what you've accomplished.  How have you helped the companies you worked for make money or save money?  Describe those accomplishments using numbers, dollars, and percentages on your resume and you will have hiring managers (potential bosses) racing to interview you.


Mentions – LinkedIn’s little known and most under-utilized Social Selling Tool

Let’s put the social back into social media. I have to admit when I first joined LinkedIn, I wasn’t that social. I didn’t know how the platform worked. That was five years or three versions of the profile page ago.

I have been listed as one of the top LinkedIn specialists and someone you should know for LinkedIn speaking and presentations. LinkedIn says my profile is viewed a lot and they were impressed with the visual media I’ve added to my profile. But it took several years to get there. People on LinkedIn in 2009 were much more social and willing to help novices out. I remember connecting with a recruiter and he actually sent an email to me asking me to have a phone conversation to find out about one another and how we could help each other out.

Today with 289 million members it’s hard to be social with all the noise on your homepage. People are collecting connections instead of strategically searching for mutually beneficial contacts. Everyone wants attention or to sell you something. It’s about making your profile searchable, it’s about in-bound marketing, and it’s about me instead of being social and helping others.


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Wondering when the profits will start rolling in? Find out before you invest in a new franchise!

So you’ve selected a franchise and have your initial investment capital saved and now you want to know: How much money will I make?

To answer the question you’ll need to weigh your costs against expected potential revenues.

The beauty of a franchise is you actually have a good shot at figuring all these numbers out. Between the financial disclosure document (FDD) and information available from existing franchisees, yoMoneyu can get a good feel for expenses, as well as potential revenues, so long as you factor in differences related to location, local market and, not to be forgotten, the range of talents and experience individual franchisees bring to their businesses.

Why is it so important to do this math upfront? In a phrase, operating capital.

Lots of folks eager to become entrepreneurs for all the usual reasons —to control your own schedule, achieve work-life balance, be your own boss, and make more money —may neglect to factor in all the capital requirements.

At the beginning of a new business comes the transitional stage. This means you need money to run your business until you learn your way around a new market, new procedures and customer care. During this transition, you won’t generate enough revenue to cover expenses. So it’s essential you have enough capital to keep the circuits humming.

Your first task is to get a realistic sense of how much capital you need to get started. Fortunately, the FDD will provide this view of your costs. Some companies will even provide an idea of potential earnings. A franchise coach can help guide you through the process, but it’s never too early to start your research.

Three Keys to Understanding Your Potential Earnings


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Personal Job Search Evaluation (Find Out What Is Going On...)

Stop struggling in your job search!

Get back into the workforce quickly, working at your dream job.  How?

Stop following typical job search advice that gets you a typical job search—long, frustrating, and difficult.

99% of all job seekers struggle because they follow typical advice.
They have NO CLUE how to conduct a fast, successful job search.

I'll move you from that 99% to the top 1% of all job seekers by giving you THE secret to getting a job. 

  • It will be tailored to your personal circumstances and career
  • It will give you more confidence than you’ve ever had
  • It will springboard you into getting the job you want

The best news is…it’s practically effortless, and anyone can do it. It’s helped thousands of other people just like you get a great job fast, and it can help you get hired, too.


Your LinkedIn Profile is Not Your Online Resume!!

Your LinkedIn Profile is NOT Your Online Resume!!

Job seekers, if you use your LinkedIn profile as your on-line resume that is self-defeating. Recruiters and headhunters have already seen your resume that's why after they Google your name, they search your LinkedIn profile.


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'I Got a Job Offer in 24 Hours Thanks to a 30 60 90 Day Sales Plan'

30 60 90 day sales plan for job interviewCan a 30-60-90-Day Sales Plan make YOUR interview amazing and get you a job offer in 24 hours? You bet. See what it did for Jeanne:

Hello Peggy! I just wanted to let you know my results from using your 30 60 90 day sales plan. [Prior to purchasing your plan, my face-to-face] interview went great! As we wrapped up [the hiring manager] said, "We are going to have another interview and I want you to be able to tell me in our next meeting how you plan on tackling this job." I put together my 30 60 90 day sales plan. At my next interview, when the hiring manager asked if I had given any thought as to how I would tackle the job and when I responded with, "Well, yes I have. I have prepared a 90 day plan that I would love to share with you." The look on his face was priceless!! He was not expecting this, Peggy. The interview went amazing. I was offered the job within 24 hours. -- Jeanne

Look at what Jeanne is teaching us here: Most people would have thought about how they planned to tackle the job, and maybe have formulated an answer before they went to the interview. Jeanne took it up a notch with her 90-day plan and became the star candidate. The 30 60 90-Day Plan is the something 'extra' that can absolutely make you stand out and make the company very eager to hire you.

Do not go to another interview without a 30 60 90 Day Plan. It's too risky. Pull out all the stops and knock their socks off. That's when you walk away with the job offer.

Find out more and get your 30 60 90 Day Sales Plan right now.


How to End Your Face-to-Face Job Interview and Get the Offer!

If you want to boost your odds of getting the job offer by 30%- 40%,
AND ask me your most pressing job search or interview question...

Then join me on MONDAY, APRIL 7, 2014 at 1pm EDT for an

Interview Training Webinar and LIVE Q&A Session!

This free session will:

  • Show you how to get the job offer in your NEXT interview
  • Give you SOLUTIONS you can use now
  • Start your week off on a high note!

And, you get a Free Gift for your resume, just for signing up for the webinar.

This is going to be fantastic....don't miss it!

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Shopping for a Franchise? — Stay Away from the Next New Craze!

Cupcakes are all the rage these days in franchising, and while they make a pretty window, their long-term appeal may be fleeting. Frozen yogurt is also making a strong comeback after almost disappearing some years ago. But it doesn’t take much to saturate the market, and you know it’s a fad when it fizzles out fast.

What’s hot and what’s not may be a typical headline on a fashion spread, but you probably want to stay away from fads when it comes to franchises. Sort of like the flavor of the month--when folks get tired of it, they stop buying.


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Adding LinkedIn Pulse News Channels to Share on Your Profile

Did you know that you can add news channel feeds to your LinkedIn profile? Whatever your industry, you have the ability to showcase your specific industry channels for your connections to view. The channels are located at the bottom of your profile.

If your industry is accounting, there are several channels in Pulse to choose from. The first one is the accounting channel.  Some others in related industries are banking and finance, big data, and the economy.

Why, as a job seeker, would I want to show these channels from Pulse on my profile?


Resume, Interview, and Job Search Apps on Amazon


Career Confidential now has 3 of our popular apps for your resume, interview, job search and medical sales job search available on Amazon!

All these apps are FREE!

Resume Review Pro

**Upgrade Your Resume In Minutes**

In less than 10 minutes, you can discover the most important resume “Do’s” and “Don’ts”.

You will see specific examples and easy tips and strategies for a dramatically better resume.
(Includes tips and examples for resumes and CVs.)

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Amazon Audiobook – 101 Job Interview Questions – Listen and Learn

My most popular ebook, How to Answer Interview Questions, is now available as an Amazon Audible Audiobook (It’s also available as an audiobook on Google Play, iTunes, Barnes and Noble, and Audible.)

You can learn the best answers to 101 job interview questions in the car, on the train, working out, cooking dinner—anytime.

With this book, every job interview answer you give will tell the employer one more reason why they should hire you.  ‘Selling yourself for the job’ will be ridiculously easy.

What will this audiobook do for you?

  • Tell you why interviewers ask certain questions
  • Show you what they are looking for in your answer
  • Give you strategies for answering the toughest questions
  • Warn you about answers that will kill your chances
  • Give you how-to tips, phrases, and words for answering 101 job interview questions


Three Reasons for Job Seekers to Join LinkedIn Groups!

Everyone always tells you when you sign up on LinkedIn you have to groups. But they don't always tell you why to join groups, especially if you are in job search. So what makes groups so beneficial to job seekers?

The first reason that you want to join groups is to connect with like-minded individuals. There are almost two million groups to join. From sports-minded groups to alumni groups from all the colleges. There are groups for Human resources to groups for social media. If you can't find a group on LinkedIn that you want to join, then you can start your own group.


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Starting a Business? Control Your Risk with a Franchise

So you want to start your own business but don’t know where to start?  Maybe you’re concerned about risk, lack experience in the specific business that caught your fancy or are nervous about blazing an entirely new trail.  For the thousands of folks looking to gain control over their working lives each year, a franchise offers some compelling advantages. For one thing, instead of beginning your research by talking to people operating a similar business, you can learn the ins and outs from people in the very same business. A franchise operation offers a veritable network of support, plus a treasure trove of statistics and operating history is available to give you a leg up in the marketplace.

By contrast, when you start an independent business, you must invent your concept and innovate your own marketing, inventory and accounting controls and countless other procedures from scratch, some ahead of time, and, inevitably, some on the fly as you go along, which will likely significantly impact your bottom line as you get started and optimize your systems.  For some, therein lies the excitement. These are the folks willing and able to accept far more uncertainty, but many others prefer a less bumpy path.


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5 Simple Tips To Beat Age Discrimination (or Bias) In Your Job Search - Free Training Webinar

5 Simple Tips To Beat Age Discrimination (or Bias) In Your Job Search


If you are over 40, you MUST know this to get hired now.


Age discrimination is almost impossible to prove, but still keeps thousands of job seekers over 40 from getting hired. With the right strategy, you can not only prevent it from hurting your job search chances, you can easily get hired at the job of your dreams.

In this webinar, you will learn simple, easy tips that anyone can use to beat age discrimination and get hired:

  • Easy Ways To Overcome The 5 Biggest Biases Against Older Job Seekers

PLUS, simple, PROVEN strategies and tips to

  • Write your Strongest Resume Ever (and eliminate age-related problems)
  • Get MORE INTERVIEWS than you've ever had before (with GREAT companies)
  • Impress them so much in the interview they'll BEG to Hire You!

You can not afford to job search without this information!

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Phone Interview Tips Free Training Webinar

Have you ever bombed a phone interview? Are you afraid you might?

Or do you just think phone interviews are awkward and painful?

If you answered 'yes,' I have a solution for you.

What should happen (and what CAN happen) is that each one of your phone interviews should get you invited to interview in person.

If you want that to happen for you, then you need to come to my free training webinar, Phone Interviews: 25 'How To' Tips You Need Now.

In this webinar, I’m going to share with you my top 25 tips for a fantastic, stress-free phone interview. We’ll talk about how to get ready for it, what to say, how to answer their questions, and how to avoid some really big mistakes.

These tips are going to help you stand out from the other candidates and make sure your name gets to the short list.

I’m offering this training webinar free of charge.

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