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Writing an Action Plan for Your Job Interview

canstockphoto7926879The best tool you could ever bring to any job interview is an action plan for how you would attack the job and be successful in it.  Writing an action plan shows who you are and what you can do in a substantial way, and makes you stand head and shoulders above those who did not write their own plan.

How do you write an action plan?

Just like with any big goal, the best place to start is to break it down in to smaller, more specific goals.  So, with an action plan for the first 90 days on the job, you'd break it up into smaller sections:  the first 30 days, the next 30 days (60 day) and the last 30 days (90 day).

Then you'd think about what specifically you'd need to take action on in each of those time frames.


Stop Doing Informational Interviews

I hear the phrase "Informational Interview” used by people who are trying to get a specific job. Focusing on a specific job minimizes the potential of informational interviews.

Here is a better idea that can create significantly more value in your career transition.

Instead of a job informational interview, ask to have a conversation about business. If you want to use the word informational, then call this meeting an “informational meeting.”

If you are relying on an introduction to get the conversation, ask your contact to introduce you for a business conversation, not a job informational interview.

When you meet, use Dale Carnegie's principle and make the conversation about the other person. Focus your questions on them, not on your needs. Use the time together to uncover information about topics like:


My LinkedIn Connection Request Policy

LinkedInI have a very deliberate policy for accepting LinkedIn Connection Requests.

My policy is based on one word, Relevance.



For me, relevance refers to much more than people who can buy my products/services. Relevance includes the people in my Life, Career, Business and Community.

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Monday Motivator – You Become What You Think About


You Become What You Think About.
- Earl Nightingale


Have you ever noticed that when you are driving, if you look to one side of the road for very long, you will find yourself drifting in that direction?

Your thoughts work the same way.  You move toward what you focus on.

I want to encourage you today to stay focused on the job you're about to get.  Visualize your job search success.  Visualize great interviews and visualize accepting a great job offer.

That visualization will actually help you project more confidence and perform better in those interviews and other communications with the hiring manager.

Visualize success!

I invite you to come to one of my free job search training webinars this week. In many of my webinars, I teach about how to move toward that job you want faster.  See Weekly Webinar Topics Here.


‘My New Job Did Not Exist When I Contacted the Hiring Manager’

canstockphoto17287705When you start contacting hiring managers, you never know what treasure of a job you'll find.  This job seeker got the job as the only candidate when she contacted the hiring manager at the company.  She went from beginning a job search to filling out hiring paperwork in 2 months.

Hi Peggy,

I want to thank you very much for your amazing products, especially the Hidden Jobs Finder!

I was first a bit skeptical about it, but I can say now, that as long as one follows your advice, one is guaranteed to get a job.

I started to look for a new job at the beginning of May and was filling out the hiring paperwork on the 1st of July.

This was all thanks to the Hidden Jobs Finder.

I found a job that paid almost as much as I wanted with great benefits [and an] amazing boss, in the perfect location...I can tell for sure, that without Hidden Jobs Finder I would have [had] no chance at finding the job, simply because the position did not even exist when I contacted the Hiring Manager!

My current boss just felt overwhelmed and was thinking that he needed some help, but didn't have time to even start working on getting help. He was really happy when I contacted him and offered help through LinkedIn.

[Your] 30/60/90 day plan also rocked. I gave it to my future boss at that time and it served as a guide on what I was going to do.

So as you may have guessed, I was the ONLY candidate for the position. I had [the] perfect resume (based on your [Extreme Makeover] resume kit), perfect experience, I showed that I can create the position and help - so I was hired!...I really, really advise anyone who is looking for [a] job to listen to your webinars and get your products!

...THANK YOU again for being there and [for your] passion for helping others in their job search.

Good luck,

L. C.

This job seeker utilized the:

Hidden Jobs Finder

Extreme Resume Makeover Kit

30/60/90-Day Plan

You are also invited to attend our free webinars.

See our current webinar schedule here:  Training Webinars Page

How to Crush the All-Day Marathon Interview

Got an all-day marathon interview coming up?Yahoo

You need to know how to get organized, research the interviewers, prepare questions to ask each one, get physically prepared for this grueling event, and follow up well with each participant.

To perform at top level, start by reading this fantastic article on Yahoo FinanceHow to Crush the All-Day Marathon Interview

*My being quoted in this article in no way affects my impartial assessment of its greatness. :-)

Thanks, Laura McMullen of US News and World Report!

US News


Self Employed vs Owning a Business

You don’t need a job, you need to create revenue.

Often during career transition the only thing most people can imagine is finding that next job. However, there is at least one other option to your needs; start your own business.

Starting your own business is not an easy task, does not happen overnight and often the pay is not as good as working for another buDSC05168-Bsiness, at least not in the beginning.

Starting your own business can be a great way to create revenue to pay for all the things you think only comes from having a job:

  • Pay the mortgage
  • Buy the groceries
  • Pay for the car(s)
  • Buy health, life, disability, dental insurance
  • Pay for the vacations
  • Build up the retirement fund

Starting your own business can also provide many benefits you can’t get from a typical job:


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How to Find Executive Headhunters

canstock11973458Looking for an executive recruiter (headhunter) for your executive job search?

It would be nice if all the recruiters who could place you in a position would just find and contact you, but it just doesn't work that way. Recruiters do search LinkedIn and other sites for potential candidates, but if they don't find you, your best chance of maximizing your executive job search options is to put yourself in front of them.  But how do you find them?  Here's how:

  • Ask colleagues, friends and other professionals in your field for names and contact info for recruiters they know.
  • Find companies in your space with employees like you (similar background, experience, title, etc.) and find out from those people what recruiter placed them in that company, or who they would recommend for that field. (A great way to do this is to use LinkedIn or other online professional networks.)
  • Call the associations in your industry (speak to the officers of the organization) and ask them if they know any recruiters who specialize in your industry. '


How do I connect with 3rd Level & beyond?

LinkedInExpanding your LinkedIn network is a great way to discover new business and/or career opportunities.

I am a true believer that our networks of people, including our LinkedIn network is one of the most important assets we have in life. My career and business have been significantly influenced by my diverse networks of people.

For these reasons I encourage you to work hard and deliberately to expand your LinkedIn network. However, I want you to do this work the right way.

It’s rather easy to connect with people who you know, who you have worked with or for. It’s real easy to connect with people you meet in real life, especially once you get their email address.

However, sometimes we’ll find another LinkedIn member that we don’t know who we want to connect with. We don’t know them, have not worked with them or for them and don’t know their email address, yet we still want to connect with them because of what they do or where they work.

Most people will use the LinkedIn Introduction function. LinkedIn permits up to 10 open Introductions at a time.

However, I prefer not to use this feature because it does not allow me to:

  1. Determine the relationship between the two LinkedIn members
  2. Control the introduction process

For this reason I prefer to use my own unique process to get introduced:


Over 40 Age Discrimination – 5 Tips To Battle Age Bias In Your Job Search Live Webinar

Have you ever felt like your age was holding you back in your job search?

If you are over 40 (not to mention 50 or 60), age discrimination could be keeping you from getting hired.  It's almost impossible to prove, but it still happens.  And it's not just frustrating--it's threatening to your career and the quality of your life.

No matter how old you are, you deserve to get the job you want and are qualified for.  To make sure that happens, I am putting together a free webinar with Bobby Edelman, founder of Interns Over 40.  (If you haven't seen his website, you need to.)  Bobby is a true expert on the issues older job seekers face, as well as the solutions that work.

5 Simple Tips To Beat Age Discrimination (or Bias) In Your Job Search

In this webinar, we are going to teach you simple, easy tips that anyone can use to overcome the 5 biggest biases against ‘Over 40’ job seekers.  

These strategies and tips go way beyond ‘dye your hair’ and ‘leave the dates off your resume’.   You will learn smart, powerful, and PROVEN strategies to:

  • Overcome the 5 biggest biases that get in your way
  • Write your strongest resume ever (and eliminate age-related problems)
  • Get more interviews than ever before (with great companies)
  • Impress them so much in the interview they’ll BEG to hire you 

You can’t afford to job search without this information!

After you register, you will receive a free podcast:  Guide to Getting a Job After 50.  You get more gifts at the webinar!  Not to mention strategies and tools that will change your life.

> Read More and Register Here <





Job Interview Question – Sample Sales Strategy

interview (7)Got a sales job interview coming up?  Get ready to talk about your sales strategy.  Giving the interviewer a sample sales strategy is a great way to demonstrate how you will operate on the job.

When you are asked about a sample sales strategy, it will likely come in some version of the classic challenge:  "Sell me this pen."  This is a role-playing exercise that many sales managers love as a part of their job interview questions.  After all, there's no better way to see how you sell than to see how you sell.

There are a lot of opinions (ahem...) about this issue, but I will tell you that as a sales recruiter, I can ask this of my candidates and tell what someone's skills are like, or if they are missing skills using this strategy.  So this is very valuable to hiring managers, so expect that you may be asked to role-play a sales scenario.

No matter what they ask you to 'sell' to them, the principles and the strategy are the same--just use the same principles you would use in any sales process. I am a big fan of SPIN Selling by Neil Rackham.  SPIN stands for Situation, Problem, Implications, Need-payoff.

So...I might say something like,


Being Relevant is How You Get Hired



Put relevant information on your resume, and you’ll have a chance at getting hired. Ignore this point, and you’re wasting your time.

Too often job seekers email copies of their resumes to anyone and everyone with no true, honest concern for how their skills, experiences and expertise compare to the job requirements. This is such a waste of energy and, in part, the reason so many people get frustrated applying for jobs.

If your resume does not show recruiters how your skills, experiences, expertise and accomplishments are relevant to their needs, there is no chance in the world you’ll get that job. You need to show RELEVANCE.


Best Words to Describe Yourself in a Job Interview

wordsThe words you use to describe yourself in the job interview should be as strategically chosen as any job interview answer you give. Every word you use in the job interview should work for you to sell you for the job.

What are great words to describe yourself in a job interview?

  • Dynamic – this says that you can change and adapt in order to succeed
  • Successful – if you are successful in some areas, chances are you’ll be successful in others
  • Strategic – you can make good decisions with the big picture in mind
  • Motivated – great for sales positions
  • Creative – this is a must for creative-type jobs, of course, but also good for companies that need problem-solvers
  • Focused – you don’t get distracted by unnecessary or unhelpful things
  • Organized – organized means you are in control and things happen the way they are supposed to
  • Enthusiastic -  this means you will also be motivated to work hard and well
  • Valuable – this is a great lead-in for some way you have made or saved money for your previous employers

Think about what qualities you possess that would be especially valuable for this job, and point those out in your interview.

For more words to describe yourself in a job interview, see these posts:

How to Answer Interview Questions Q69 – What makes you unique?

How to Answer Interview Questions Q41 – Tell me about yourself.

How to Answer Interview Questions Q7 - Describe yourself to me in one word.


Don’t Let Your Network Die

interviewIf you build your network properly, it can become one of your most valuable assets.

A car can be replaced, computers are just commodity items, cell phones get replaced every two years and even your house is replaceable, ask your insurance agent.

Your network is built one person and relationship at a time. You can’t borrow someone else’s network, you can’t pick up a new network at the local big box store, and I doubt Lloyds of London will insure your network.

A dying network cannot help you, nor the people in your network. A dying network is almost always terminal. Few people have been able to revive a dying network.

Therefore you need to do everything you can to make sure your network thrives so that it never dies.

Here are five activities that if executed properly will help your network to thrive.


Monday Motivator – Don’t Get Discouraged By Job Search Rejection


When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.
- Alexander Graham Bell


Job searching is filled with rejection (sometimes beginning with losing your job in the first place). Statistically, you will have to go through a certain number of contacts to get an interview and a certain number of interviews to get an offer.

I want to encourage you today to just expect some rejection and don’t take it personally, because that will only keep you focused on the door that closed, not the other door opening up in front of you.

In a job search, there’s always another door. You just have to keep looking until you find it.

Not that I expect you to plod through a long, slow job search…

If I were in a job search, I’d want to find all the open doors in front of me at once. That’s why I developed the Hidden Jobs Finder. It is the best tool for finding more jobs, contacting dozens or even hundreds of hiring managers, and getting multiple interviews.

Either way, I want to encourage you to stay positive! Your job is out there waiting for you.

I invite you to come to one of my free job search training webinars this week. In many of my webinars, I teach about how to move toward that job you want faster.  See Weekly Webinar Topics Here.