July 3

“SPOTLIGHT” LinkedIn’s New AFFORDABLE Premium Account!

linkedin-logoShould I use a paid LinkedIn account? I’m asked this question all the time when I’m at networking events and presentations. My answer used to be NO. Now LinkedIn has introduced a new premium account that is affordable. SPOTLIGHT: LinkedIn has developed a new Premium account for its users. The cost is under $10.00 a month less if you purchase it yearly, the rate drops to $7.99 a month!

LinkedIn premium for the average user. This features a larger profile picture along with an expanded profile header. You can use one of LinkedIn’s default headers or you can import your own to make your profile standout. If you want to stand out on LinkedIn and set yourself above the competition this is an excellent way to do it.

LinkedIn will even send you recommendations to optimize your profile summary with keywords.

One of the features is an open profile badge at the top of your profile. If you want to connect with others that are not in your network, you will have the option to make your profile “open” so that every LinkedIn member can see your full profile and reach out to you for free. If you are in job search this will allow recruiters that only use free LinkedIn accounts to contact you.

Another feature that Spotlight provides is Who’s viewed You Profile. The expanded version, so that you can see a list of the people that have viewed your profile in the last 90 days. This reminds me of the line from the Taxi Driver movie “You talking (looking) at me?” Find out who they are and return the favor. Try it you may connect with someone that you can help out.

Now, how do you navigate LinkedIn to find this tidbit.

Step one: From your Homepage or Profile page scroll down on the right side to “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” Click on the hyperlink that says “your profile has been viewed by”

This will take you to the Who’s viewed your profile home page.

Step two: scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the yellow “Upgrade to Premium” button.

The next screen you see will be the premium home page.

Step three: At the top of the page scroll the tool bar click on “LinkedIn Premium” which is a hyper link. The spotlight page will appear.

Now that you are there, sign up for the most affordable LinkedIn premium account. For less than $100.00 a year you have access to a Premium LinkedIn account. This is the starting point for premium as you advance with your LinkedIn profile you have other options of premium to choose from. Or you can go it alone with the free account. It is your profile, it is your choice.

Guest post by Bruce Bixler, previously published on Hobknobery


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