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FlowerGive a man a fish
and you feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish
and you feed him for a lifetime.

- Chinese Proverb


If you get a job lead, or a recruiter calls you about possible placement in a job, that's giving you a fish that feeds you for a day.

If you learn how to find those job leads and get those interviews on your own, that is teaching you how to fish and you will be fed for life.  You will never be without the means to control your career and give yourself job security. You never worry about layoffs because you know how to quickly get another job.  This is what we're about at Career Confidential.

The best way to get started 'learning to fish' is by attending one of our online Job Search and Interview Webinars.

These webinars are free and packed with information, advice, insights and shortcut tips that show you how to find jobs (even when there doesn't seem to be any), get interviews, and crush those interviews so you get a job offer every time.

Go to our Free Training Webinars page to see what topic we're talking about this week and Sign Up Now.

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Best of luck!