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FlowerFailures do what is tension-relieving,
while winners do what is goal-achieving.
- Dennis Waitley

(as quoted in Brian Tracy's book, Eat That Frog)

I love Brian Tracy (if you've never read one of Brian Tracy's books, get one and read it today) and I love Dennis Waitley for this quote.

Job searching is hard--no one will argue with that.  The problem is that it can be all too easy to relieve the tension of the job search by stepping away from it (watching TV, going out with your friends, or surfing the web all day--even if you are "looking for jobs").

To win in the job search, you have to do those things that will get you to your goal.  Stop fiddling with an already great resume and send it.  Stop surfing and anonymously applying for jobs and find a hiring manager (your potential future boss) to contact directly.  Stop worrying about letting others know you're out of work and contact everyone you've ever met to let them know what job you're looking for. These things are goal-achieving.

If you have some stumbling block keeping you from goal achieving, or if you're already trying these things but not seeing results, get help.

Attend a relevant Career Confidential free job search webinar.

Use a relevant Career Confidential tool, like our Extreme Resume Makeover Kit, our Hidden Jobs Finder, or our 30-60-90-Day Plan for your interview.

Utilize my Career Coaching to help you find the words to explain a difficult situation, or overcome a unique problem.

Whatever it may be that's holding you back, let's eliminate that obstacle for you so you can be a goal-achieving winner.