August 4

LinkedIn Brings Back Activity Feed

LinkedIn brings back Activity feed. So where did they hide it?

It is not like the old activity feed…this new version is now on your profile page. It’s hiding behind that little blue button that says “Send a Message”. Click on the drop-down and “View recent activity” will appear.

When you click on “activity,” a new page will appear and at the top will be RECENT ACTIVITY with a (number) in parenthesis. This will show you the person’s number of activities. If there isn’t any activity, you will have a blank page.

“View recent activity” is available to your first, second, and third degree connections only. Group members, and profiles of those out of your network you still cannot see their activity.

This works well if you are in sales or a job search. Viewing your prospects or the hiring manager’s activity will give you a little business intelligence. If you are in sales, viewing a prospect’s activity feed may show some pain points. Or if you are in a job search, viewing a hiring manager’s activity may disclose what type of employee they are looking for.

Guest post by Bruce Bixler, previously published on Hobknobery



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