September 25

Job Search Motivation – Find a Job You Love

Are you happy with your job? If you’re unemployed or job searching, are you excited about the jobs you’re applying for? If not, you could be. You can find a job you love. How?

It starts with not settling. What do I mean by that? The most common way to job search is to find job listings and apply for them through online forms. The problem with that is that you miss a lot of job. For every job you see, there’s at least one more that you don’t.

Estimates are that between 50% – 70% of all jobs at any given moment are ‘hidden,’ meaning that they’re not publicly listed. They’re either not listed yet, or they’re with a company that doesn’t like to publicly post job openings because they get swamped with applicants who aren’t as qualified as they want.

If you uncover these openings, not only do you find typically better jobs, you put yourself in the front of the line for them (because no one else knows about them yet), which makes you stand out.

If you don’t have the exact background that HR asks for, they’ll cut you from the short list. If you would be great at the job even without the wish list of qualifications, the hiring manager can see it more clearly. You have a better shot at getting the interview so they can talk to you about it.

When you find more jobs and you talk to more hiring managers (potential bosses), then you give yourself choices about what job to take.

When you have choices, you can find a job you love.

If you want to learn how to do this (and do it quickly), come to my free, live webinar How to Get a Job in 6 Weeks.

I’ll show you how to uncover hidden jobs, how to improve your resume and cover letter so you can get the attention you want from hiring managers, and even give you some bonus gifts for your job search and interviews.

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