September 18

Job Search Motivation – Conquer Your Fears

When you sit around and wait for companies to respond to your application (and they don’t), it’s easy to get discouraged and start doubting yourself. You start to wonder if anyone will ever want to hire you. You start feeling that fear of not being able to get a job, not being able to pay your bills, and having to tell friends and family that you can’t find a job. Don’t let that take over. Conquer your fears. How? Take action.

Stop applying with faceless online applications that make you wait and see.

  • Find the names of hiring managers (that’s your potential boss or boss’s boss) at companies you’d love to work for and contact them with your resume.
  • Send your resume out even if it isn’t ‘perfect.’ (But do send the best resume you can.)
  • Reach out to your network and see who knows of a company that’s hiring and needs someone like you. On the way, see if you can help them out in return. (See great networking tips here.)

When you take action like this, you’ll start seeing things happen:

  • You’ll conquer your fear and gain confidence.
  • You’ll have more courage to reach out again and again.
  • You’ll find a job faster–and it will be a better one that you’ll expect.

It does take time. You may not find the perfect fit job with the first phone call, or the 10th phone call. But if you keep calling and reaching out, you’ll find it–much faster than if you keep filling out online applications and waiting. You’ll even uncover hidden jobs that are the majority of available jobs, and are often better jobs than what are advertised.

I have a whole webinar about how to do this:

Stop Applying for Jobs and Get Hired Instantly  (it’s a catchy title, right?)

In this webinar, I show you how to reach out to your network, how to contact hiring managers, and how to get hired. It will motivate you and boost your confidence, too.

Find out more about the webinar here and learn how to get hired.

Best of luck!



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